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2018 Calendars

2018 Monthly calendars are available:


Desktop Calendar

2017 Calendars Available

As in past years we have calendars to purchase.  Proceeds will go to Wounded Warrior Foundation and American Soldier Network.


Order 2017 Calendars Here

David James Elliott as Major Bryant

David James Elliott as Major Bryant in Secrets and Lies

Happy Birthday David!!

Happy 56! Hope it is a great year for you and thus for us!

David James Elliott and family at Coachella Day 1

Steff tweeted this pic of the family at the Coachella Festival, Day 1

2016 Calendars Available

2016 Calendars are available for purchase.  All proceeds will go to the Wounded Warriors Project.  There are 3 calendars currently – Harm, JAG, and Shipper themed. Later today  David and  Characters themed calendars will be […]

Updated Site!

Happy Upgrade!!

To enable the site to be responsive to mobile users I am converting to a word press platform.  I hope you enjoy the change!

At this point the “upper” level is converted and […]

Autographed “Thank you” Photo

Happy Fathers Day, David

Hello DJEfans – Video message

Feb 2009-

A few of us won an auction to follow David around Trump National Golf Course and then have lunch.  While there, David recorded this quick message to the fans.  Thanks to you too, […]

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Love to discuss David’s various projects?  Have news/ items you want to share?

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Schedule for the week 10/26   through 11/02.  All US times are Eastern time.
Schedules are subject to change so you should check your local listings as to times and channels.
It is our aim to update […]

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Happy 4th of July!

This should help put you in a 4th of July ‘Patriotic Mood’.  Enjoy your 4th!