David James Elliott at the 39th TV Week Logie Awards

Melbourne, Australia, 1997

The MC: Please welcome David James Elliott!

Gee, I worked with a guy named Tony Ronaldson ... He's about 6-foot 10-inches or so. How tall are you?

DJE: [bending down to the microphone] Four foot one.

[big laugh from the audience]

MC: Oh yeah! I'm sure, I'm sure. You're very very tall indeed. But you have an interesting background because you're ... I was trying to keep up when you told me yesterday that your grandparents were from Scotland or something and your parents were from the Bahamas and you were born somewhere else ...

DJE: Yeah ... we went from Scotland to the Bahamas to Canada and I now live in Los Angeles.

MC: ... That's a lot of travelling ... That's incredible! ... But the series [JAG] is doing very well here ...

DJE: So I understand.

MC: It's a very expensive series. You've got aircraft carriers ... in fact, it's funny because when I looked before, I thought you had brought some of your crew with you, because if you can get a shot ... maybe over at the side there ... there's a lot of the waiting staff wearing those white shirts .... looking ... like ... off the aircraft carrier or something ...

DJE: They are with me. I never leave home without a waiting staff.

[big laugh from audience]

MC: It's very expensive. How much per episode? Because you've got aircraft carriers ...

DJE: Oh, we spend about two million dollars an episode.

[lots of oohs and aahs from audience]

... Hey, it's not my money .... [loud cheers from audience]

MC: How much of that do you get? ... You don't have to answer that!

DJE: [laughs]

MC: That's incredible. Two million dollars an episode! Whoa! And what about ... are you in all of the stunts? Do you have to do a lot of stunts?

DJE: Yeah, well, I have a stunt man. ... They [the stunts] get dangerous. Last year I broke my hand.

MC: Really?

DJE: That's the worst injury I've had.

MC: Oh, I see ... But you've only broken your hand once. ... now with that hand, if you can open that envelope ...

[DJE presents award for most popular male actor]

MC: Can I ask you about fan mail? You're a big hunk of a guy. A lot of the girls here think, "Wow! What a spunk!" Do you get a lot of fan mail?

DJE: Yeah! Get a lot of fan mail from Australia. [using an Aussie accent]

MC: You do? That's great! .. Can you remember?...

DJE: My favourite was from a 90-year-old lady who ...

MC: 9-year-old?

DJE: 90.

MC: 90-year-old ...?

DJE: 90 years old. She said if she was 30 years younger she'd eat me with a spoon.

[loud cheers and laughter from audience]

Not all the mails are from the 90-year-old folks ...

MC: Woo! Of course she'd have to put her teeth in ...

I want to ask you, if you weren't doing JAG, if you weren't into acting, would it be a sporting pursuit? What would you be doing if you weren't doing JAG?

DJE: I'd probably go back to my roots - music.

MC: Yeah? What did you ...?

DJE: I played a lot of instruments ... in fact, I have an instrument with me ... ah yeah ...

[He takes out a harmonica and plays a bluesy lick. The audience cheers and claps.]

... back to the chase ...

MC: Yes, the next award ...

[DJE presents award for most popular female actor]

MC: Thank you very much. Enjoy the rest of the evening. You want to play us to the break? ... maybe the band can join in ....

Our thanks to Karlene Galway for submitting this.