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David James Elliott

Favorite Actor in a Drama Series

2nd Annual TV Guide Awards
>March 5, 2000

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David's Acceptance Speech:
Thank You!  Wow, far out.  Never won anything in my life.  So --- (a 'scream' from the audience) --- Ooh (he laughs) thanks!  

I'd like to thank TV Guide, and certainly all the viewers who voted, and really I'm so flattered.   I'm probably going to outdo Martin Sheen for forgetting names.  But there's a few people that I have to say thank you to, aside from CBS and Paramount for believing in the show, (putting it on the air), and keeping it there --- Don Bellasario for creating the show, Executive Producers Charles Johnson and Mark Horowitz, and the cast and crew of JAG who are, like, the best, ever!  Obviously you guys think so, because you're tuning in (Applause). 

And I'd like to thank my personal team, who make things really easy for me you know, which frees me up to concentrate on what's important --- UTA, my agents.....and my old manager who is no longer with us, but Eric.....(raises award skyward).  And my wife Nanci, who is like the greatest ever.  She's my rock, and she rocks.   And my daughter Stephanie --- she's at home watching --- I love you.  Thank you!



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