Boston College
April 19, 2005

Lecture: The Art of Surviving the Entertainment World"

These are the pictures I took the night at BC.  I only took three trying to be respectful. (!@*#$)

The lecture is available to watch at the Boston College website

I will tell you one funny story though and then you can watch for it when you watch the video.  Notice the water bottles on the table.  One to David's right and two to his left.  Near the beginning of the evening, David picked up the bottle to his right, opened it and was close to drinking it when he noticed the bottles to his left.  Realising...he closed the bottle he had and then took one from his left and drank from it.  It was really kind of amusing so be sure to watch for it.  The look on his face was as they say...priceless.

Read the transcript of the lecture with screencaps
presented with great thanks to AJ for the time and effort put towards writing up the transcript.   Couple places the words were hard to decipher but the 'gist' of it is there.   Enjoy!

cropped for your viewing pleasure...