Wayne Brady Show
November 7, 2003

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Wayne Brady: Welcome back to the show.

DJE: Thanks a lot. Yeah, it's nice to be back. Wow! You are such a talented guy!

WB: Oh get out!

DJE: Well you stand up here and tell a joke ... knock out a song! It'd take me, like, three years to psyche myself up to that.

WB: Why thank you sir! Thank you very much. Last time you were here, we were both expecting. And you had your baby and I had mine.

DJE: One month apart on the same day.

WB: Same day. And do we have a little picture ... there we go! ... Who's this?

DJE: Wyatt!

WB: Wyatt. Hey, Wyatt!

DJE: [joking] He's a depressed child.

WB: Oh yeah! Doesn't smile at all! ... Oh beautiful babe. Beautiful baby. ... So, besides Wyatt, your new addition, you have a nine-year-old daughter named?

DJE: Stephanie.

WB: Stephanie.

DJE: No, she's ten now.

WB: She's ten now. She's aged since I researched. Excellent!

DJE: She just turned ten.

WB: And she's had all the attention, for ten years now.

DJE: Yeah.

WB: What's it like, having this little ... it's rough, huh?

DJE: It was a little ... in the hospital, there was a moment there ... where I thought that she just wanted to leave. ... I'm out, I'm out. I don't want to be here.

WB: Was she jealous?

DJE: Right after my wife gave birth. ... She had a moment. But she loves him.

WB: What's she gonna do? Pack her strawberry suitcases ...

DJE: I don't know! It was an emergency C-section. There were complications so it all happened so quickly. I think she was partly in shock, she was afraid for Mom.

WB: Of course.

DJE: And she had left the room, to get a drink. And when she came back, we weren't in the room. Nobody told her where we were. We had to be rushed. So all of that, the shock of that .... Suddenly you have to share half the fortune ...

WB: You want a coke? ... What the .... [making a baby crying sound] ... So is she cool with it now?

DJE: Oh yeah. She's very helpful. She loves him.

WB: She tries to be a little Momma?

DJE: Yeah. She's all over him. She likes babies.

WB: See you lucked out. When my sister was born, make no bones about it, I was a jealous, angry little four-year-old. I wanted to strike myself, but I didn't have my four friends with me.

DJE: I heard a funny story about somebody who dropped a brick on his brother's head from the roof, but it missed him. Actually tried to take him. So it can get bad.

WB: Well we're very happy that he missed. .... Now your wife, Nanci Chambers, she used to star on JAG with you. But now she's a stay-at-home Mom.

DJE: Well, we're doing some renovations on the house. So she's overseeing that. That's her bag. I don't know if you watch Trading Spaces ... I know Paige better than I know my wife! Every time I come into the house ... it doesn't matter what time of day, that show is on, all day, every day! And it's driving me mad.

WB: Built a whole lamp out of a piece of rock! It's amazing. My wife loves the show. She watches the show ... but I'm kinda hooked on it myself so I can't say it's just her. You get sucked in. Paige talks and they build these things. Next thing you know, you're like, huh, I could make a towel out of some sheets too.

DJE: Yeah, and the curtains look like they've been made out of that. I just see through the veneer of that. The TV makes it look great, but I'm going, a week from now, that has fallen apart! And then what're you gonna do? It's all kind of cheaply made, they staple it together. ... Poor people are left with a thousand-dollar reno job.

WB: Well at that point, Paige is like, ta-ta! and dancing away. We got a new house, honey! [makes wrecking noise]

DJE: Exactly!.

WB: Now I understand something ... that we have something in common. You love clothes. But you love to shop, which is something that I don't like to do. Guys don't ... I hate shopping! Because shopping means spending time in a store, in one place. I'd rather be out!

DJE: You know what? Even before, even when I didn't clothes-shopped, I used to like going food-shop. I don't know. Maybe spending money.

WB: You're a shopaholic.

DJE: I might have a problem.

WB: It's a very special Wayne Brady Show. We now confront his fears ...

DJE: [jokingly plaintive] My problem ... I don't know what! ... Does that make me less a man?

WB: No it doesn't make you less a man! Have you heard ... because you're such a rugged guy! 'Cause you're a very very rugged guy! Got the strong jaw ... I think you might be a metrosexual. You know, that breed of guy? No, I'm with you there too, man! [DJE covers his face with his hand, laughing]

DJE: Oh you're with me? Okay, I'm not alone.

WB: You have to embrace your metrosexuality! You get a great haircut; you love style; you get a manicure and a pedicure;

DJE: A facial.

WB: A facial. Oh, you get the facial too? Oooo!

DJE: No ... no! I thought maybe you were going! WB: Can get a facial ... supposed to get a facial!

DJE: You wear makeup every day.

WB: Oh that's for fun.

DJE: You wear it on weekends.

WB: Parties. ... I got to congratulate you. You got 200 episodes of JAG under your belt. That's good! 200 episodes! Very nice, sir! Very nice for a show that was almost cancelled at one point.

DJE: What a journey with this show.

WB: And you guys were up against reality programmes at one point. Then they put you back on your own night and you're kings again!

DJE: We are the king one more time. We're the Top 21.

WB: There's the top 20, and there's you. ... Next time you come back, bring your kids, please, and I'll bring mine. They'll play and then we'll go shopping!

DJE: Nice.

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