January 26, 1998

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... starring as Harmon Rabb, Jr. in JAG, David James Elliott!

David James Elliott: Hey!

Sinbad (David Adkins): Well, welcome to Ladies' Night.

DJE: Ladies' Night? ... Are these guys here all the time?

Sinbad: Just on Monday night. Monday night's very special for us. Rest of the week we have ... like ... half-naked women!

DJE: All right! I'm coming back!

Sinbad: No, we got Ladies' Night. You know what, ladies never get the opportunity. We were going up against Monday Night Football. And I said, "Forget it then! We'll just snatch the women!"

DJE: Okay!


Sinbad: And now the guys come. The guys show up when the ladies go somewhere ....

DJE: That's right.

Sinbad: ... the men showing up, like Ladies' Night ... Ladies' Night in a night club is not for women. It's to get the dudes to show up. Ladies' Night! Who's going, guys, 'cause you don't have to bring nobody! They're there! [loud applause] ... They're there! We just gotta be there!

DJE: Always worked for me.

Sinbad: Now you're married now though, aren't you?

DJE: Yeah, so it's not working anymore. .... [loud aah's and laughter] ... I am not Clinton ...

Sinbad: Now if you feel like me ... Super Bowl here .. all the guys ... who's your team?

DJE: Well, I put ... you know, I lost .... I put ...

Sinbad: Tell the truth ... tell the truth ...

DJE: I lost. I put fifty bucks on the Packers.

Sinbad: I was with Green Bay. I was a Green Bay man.

DJE: Did you put any money in?

Sinbad: No, I don't bet, man. 'Cause when you bet you get too emotionally involved?

DJE: That's right.

Sinbad: See, you get violent ... could hurt the family. That's how you can become homeless. That's why I don't bet. I've seen people lose their minds 'cause they bet. The worse I get is "Oh they lost!". I didn't lose nothing, man.

DJE: See, I don't watch. I just wait for the end ...

Sinbad: Last quarter?

DJE: And then I find ... it's too angst-ridden for me. I can't take that ...uh-ooh! ... being totally out-of-control ...

Sinbad: Are you one of those people?


Sinbad: Oh yeah!

DJE: They go to games and act like you actually affect the outcome [making loud fan-type noises] ...

DJE: Exactly! And this is why I don't watch! ... But this profession, by and large, is too much like that. So I do that all day. I'm not going to do that in my spare time. So I just wait and find out who won it, whether I won or lost. I lost. I gave it up ...

Sinbad: I have to ask you ... you're on a hit show, doing this JAG thing ... Navy pilot ... and actually, you have a little problem with flying yourself, don't you?

DJE: Yeah.

Sinbad: I mean, we can break it down ... Ladies' Night ... talking about our fears ...

DJE: [laughing and nodding]

Sinbad: We open up. If it was Tuesday night I wouldn't ask you that.

DJE: You know what? And I don't have a problem with doing anything with someone who's an expert, 'cause I went up with the Blue Angels and I was not afraid.

Sinbad: You said experts ...

DJE: Yeah, they were experts. ... TV Guide did an article on me and the writer thought it would be an interesting idea if he and I did it. I went for it. He wanted to have a dog fight over the ocean.

Sinbad: Are you serious?



DJE: There's a company somewhere - south of here - they'll take off and land and you fly the plane ... these little Marchetti jet-fighters ... jet trainers ... You can pull six G's in these things. It's like a thousand bucks. They paid for it.

And they take off, and you got the stick. They just direct you. "Okay ... left, left, left, left ... back, back, back ... down, down, down ..." So they directed this fight. You have to fly out in formation and about a mile over the ocean you attack each other.

Sinbad: You're already talkng crazy to me ... you're really talking crazy!

DJE: And I am petrified from the moment I get the stick in my hand. And I forgot that they film this!

Sinbad: You should have said, "I can't fly!"

DJE: I should have! On the phone it sounded like ... I don't know if you guys are like this, but I'll agree to stuff and then when I get there, I'll be like, "Why did I?"

Sinbad: Then you call your publicist ...

DJE: Yes, but there's no way out of there. I remember, on the way out, I turned to the pilot and I said, "Is it normal to be petrified right now?" ... like I am ... like, beyond afraid, you know...

He's looking at me and I kept asking, "Do you guys crash? Have you had any crashes? ..." I want all the statistics ...

Sinbad: Never ask these guys anything! Yeah, they die all the time! Ha ha ha!

DJE: [laughing]

[lots of applause as they cut to clip from King of the Fleas]

Sinbad: I understand that acting was not your first love ...

teenage DJE

DJE: No. Bands. As a teenager, it was rock 'n roll. The whole punk thing came out.... I brought a picture ... what I looked like ...



Sinbad: Can you play something for us? ... He's going to play us off!

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