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The View
November 23, 1999

AN: Please note that for the first half of this interview, the topic was names that people give to their sex organs. Apparently one of the hosts of The View had seen a play entitled The Vagina Monologues and they discussed the topic in depth just prior to welcoming David James Elliott.

Meredith Vieira: Yes! Yes! Yes! We know he is drop-dead gorgeous, but in this hit series JAG, David James Elliott is also an officer and a gentleman. It's not his fault that even when he is out of uniform, women everywhere stand and salute.

show clip from the episode Contemptuous Words

Please welcome David James Elliott!

David James Elliott: Thank you.

MV: Okay well

Star Jones: You are bad!

The View: He's married!

MV: We told you our names. Will you tell us your name?

DJE: Uh I uh you know what? I've never thought of a name like that

MV: You never thought of naming ?

DJE: um call it Fred

Joy Behar: Why Fred?

DJE: uh I don't know We had names when we were teenagers if you're talking to your buddy

SJ: Uh-ah! Come on, honey!

DJE: I thought this topic what a nightmare [laughing]

SJ: Mr. Happy? Something like that?

DJE: ask my wife She might have a name for it

MV: You'd know if she had a name for it, wouldn't you?

DJE: Maybe she has a secret name. She hasn't told me.

SJ: Just as long as it's not ... somebody else! [elbowing DJE]

DJE: Yeah ....

MV: Does it bother you that women want to name your penis? That they think you're so drop-dead gorgeous?

DJE: I've never really It never crossed my mind.

MV: No, but I'm just saying that women think you're unbelievably beautiful. Or do you like it?

DJE: I don't really dwell on it, you know. This is a question that I never know how to answer.

Lisa Ling: Does it bother your wife? How's that?

DJE: You know, sometimes it bothers my wife, I think.

SJ: She doesn't like the attention!

DJE: Sometimes yeah She's pretty together. We've been together a long time and she's had to deal with it. Occasionally, I think what happens is maybe it's not so much that it's that people sometimes get really aggressive when we're out. They'll, like, push her out of the way.

The View: Honestly?

DJE: Yeah like Get! Get! As though she's not there. I think that bothers her.

: You need to put a handcuff on her.

JB: I know that you and your lovely wife eloped several years ago. Then you had a traditional wedding. Am I right?

DJE: Yes.

JB: And also that all the brides .. grooms? What are they called?

DJE: Groomsmen.

JB: They wore kilts.

DJE: Yes.

JB: Now how did you get guys to wear skirts at a wedding?

DJE: They did. I just told them to wear the kilts. I think they dug it. They've seen Braveheart. They know it was a manly thing to do. My father and my father-in-law were a little apprehensive.

JB: Were they?

DJE: And my father is Scottish. He's always been, like, very pro-Scottish forever claiming his Scottish roots. But came time to wear the kilt, he was a little intimidated by it. But in the end, they looked great!

MV: Do they still wear them these days?

DJE: No. I bought mine but they rented theirs.

SJ: You liked that skirt thing?

DJE: Yeah. I did!

SJ: I knew it!

JB: Your little daughter how old is Stephanie?

DJE: Six and a half.

JB: Six and a half She was your flower girl at the wedding?

DJE: She was. She was christened too.

[showing photographs from December 1999 issue of In Style magazine.]

The View: She's adorable.

DJE: Yeah, she's adorable.

LL: Okay, should we talk about JAG? He's feeling a little uncomfortable.

SJ: I warned him in the back. I said, "You're gonna be in the pit!" He said he could handle it. So go for it!

DJE: It's not as bad as it looks.

LL: JAG is one of my father's favourite shows. You play a Navy lawyer. JAG, just so we all know, stands for Judge Advocate General Corps.

DJE: Yes.

LL: Do you know how the real JAG officers feel about you guys?

DJE: You know what? We sort of put them on the map. I mean, most people have no idea what a JAG lawyer was until the show became a big hit. We went to Washington once and we threw a party for the JAG at the time - he was retiring. We aired an episode and man! It was like the Beatles had arrived. They loved it!

LL: So they think that it's pretty true to the real deal?

DJE: No. Certainly my character's dropping into Bosnia at any given moment, saving the world constantly ... that's not quite their experience.

SJ: What kind of Dad are you being? I just thought when the picture of your beautiful little girl came up, there was a sparkle in your eye. What kind of Dad?

DJE: Well, I hope that I'm a good Dad. I try. The show really takes a lot of my time. So come the weekends or whenever there is a free moment ... and during the summer she comes to the set. Certainly for my wife and I - she's our constant focus.

SJ: Does she wrap you around her finger?

DJE: Oh yeah!

SJ: Ah! I knew it! I sensed it!

DJE: I have to watch it. I'm a bit of a sucker. But I'm also going to be a hard guy, I think.

JB: No dating until she's thirty-two!

DJE: Yeah! [laughter]

JB: Just get out the shotgun! That's right. Thank you so much for joining us.

DJE: Thank you very much for having me.

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