David James Elliott on The View

November 16, 2001

The hosts of The View are: Meredith Vieira, Lisa Ling, Star Jones, Joy Behar, and Barbara Walters.

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[shows a clip from JAG episode Jagathon]

Lisa Ling: Please welcome David James Elliott! [loud cheers as the studio audience gives DJE a standing ovation]

Barbara Walters: Talk about sexy men! ...

Lisa: Welcome back to the show!

David James Elliott: Thank you. Thanks for having
me back.

Lisa: I know we were talking about the sexiest man alive and I don't want to embarrass you because I know your family's here but I've always thought you're one of the sexiest men ...

DJE: Thank you.

Lisa: Anyway, having said that ... We just saw this clip of you and Catherine Bell and it's terrific ... I know that there has always been this sort of sexual tension between the two of you on the show so are you two going to get together, ever, or what?

DJE: Well, I was thinking about that question. We get asked that a lot. Uh ... it's sexier not to know.

Joy Behar: Not to know what?

DJE: Not to know if it's going to happen ... to reveal everything is not really that sexy. So I'll say ... it's heating up. I'll say that much.

Joy: Keep the tension.

Lisa: You're not going to give us more hints, huh?

DJE: No. I couldn't say. You'll have to tune in.

Barbara: The show is in the sixth season ...

DJE: Seventh.

Barbara: Seventh season. Okay, and hotter than ever and some people feel that it's because of ... that the ratings have gone up because of September 11th. There's more interest in the military. Do you think that's part of the reason?

DJE: I think it's part of the reason. Certainly. Uh ... the show was a big hit before Millionaire came along. It was the bane of a few shows - certainly ours - and they ... You like it? [interrupting himself to ask this of Star Jones]

Star: Yeah-heh-heh. [chuckling and nodding as DJE laughingly pats her shoulder.]

DJE: Yes, Star. There you go! Well, yes, I liked it - on another night! [laughter from everyone] But ... we weren't going up against it this year and then September 11th happened. Suddenly we were back in the Top 10 again.

Barbara: But there is increased interest in the military.

DJE: Oh certainly. I'm not saying that it's not. I'm saying that I'm sure that that's absolutely a part ...

Joy: Everything comes together. Are you guys planning to incorporate what's going on into your stories or not?

DJE: We're doing what we can. From what I've seen the war's almost over.

Joy: Well, one part of it.

DJE: Certainly the big action of the war's almost over. So we're dealing with it generally.

Joy: If Geraldo ever hears this, he'll never go! What are we gonna do? [general laughter. Geraldo Rivera was their previous guest.]

DJE: I know. He'll be so disappointed. ... He's a neat guy.

Star: I was picking on you earlier. Because ... big TV star with a Top 10 show, they come around here, they have an entourage - the hair, the makeup, the whole nine yards. His [DJE's] entourage is his beautiful and talented wife and his daughter, who are joining us today.

DJE: There they are, right there. [pointing to the front row]

Star: Nanci and Stephanie ... [loud applause] ... and he's carrying Steph's stuff and the whole nine ...

DJE: Oh yeah. And I'm trailing behind.

Star: ... which is kind of cool. Nanci has a recurring role on JAG, she plays Lt. Loren Singer, right?

DJE: Yes. The wretched Loren Singer.

Star: The wretched Loren Singer. Oh, she looks evil [as they show a clip of Singer from Jagathon] ... okay ... how was it working with your wife?

DJE: Um ... it's usually ... well, there she is, right there ... [laughing and joking] Let me be quite frank ... it's definitely nice ... it could get a little tense. If I think that she should be doing something else, or if I have an opinion or if I don't voice it, I'm damned, or if I do, I'm damned. I'm either damned in private or damned publicly. It's a no-win situation. [lots of laughter]

DJE and Nanci

Nanci: [laughing] It's absolutely true. He gets a little bossy. So I moved out of the trailer.

Joy: Would you prefer it if he kept his mouth shut?

Nanci: No. [lots of laughter]

Joy: You can't win!

DJE: She's a woman!

Meredith Vieira: Nanci was tough as nails on the show, but, honestly, at home, who wears the pants?

DJE: Well, I have them on today. She's wearing a skirt ... We share. [laughing]

Meredith: You share your pants. Smart. ...

Lisa: I'm going to ask you. JAG was originally on NBC and it was cancelled after the first year then picked up by CBS. I read that you weren't exactly happy about that. Is that true?

DJE: When we came on, the pilot was a big deal. We brought in really big numbers at the time. And we did a full season. We were told halfway through the filming of the last episode that we were cancelled. When the producer, Don Bellisario, went to the television meeting here in New York and he sold the show on the way and then called me from the plane and said we got picked up for a mid-season replacement. But in the meantime, my agents had been getting a lot of interest elsewhere and it was kind of a ... [making a face] ... you know, a mid-season!

Barbara: You got a lot of stuff going on ... different leads, different seasons. It's still there.

DJE: Yes. We clawed our way to where we are.

Barbara: You know what I'd like ... Stephanie, would you come up, sit on Daddy's knee. Is that okay, Mommy? Come on. I want to ask you a question. Come sit with Daddy.

DJE: Come here.

Barbara: Come on up, sweetie. Come sit with Daddy. [Stephanie shyly comes up] There you go. Now. Do you want to act? Do you want to act like Daddy and Mommy? What do you say?

Stephanie: I'm not sure.

Barbara: Not sure?

DJE: [DJE answers for her] Sometimes.

Barbara: How old are you?

Stephanie: Eight.

Barbara: Eight! You want to hold the microphone? That's the first step ...

Meredith: So you're a third-grader?

Stephanie: Yes.

Barbara: Feel comfortable?

Stephanie: No.

Barbara: What do you feel when Daddy does the sort of flirty scenes with somebody who isn't Mommy?

Barbara: Hmm?

DJE: [firmly] It used to upset her when she was younger but she's educated now. She knows it's a job.

Barbara: It's a job. You have a beautiful family.



Star: I have a far more important question. Where did you get that cool scarf? I just love that scarf. Mom get it for you? [Stephanie smiles.]

Lisa: Well, David, we always welcome you and your entire family to the show. Congratulations on all the success of JAG. It's such a terrific show.

DJE: Thank you.

Lisa: Our thanks to David James Elliott. You can catch JAG on Tuesday nights.

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