Star TV
December 24, 2000

Note: Star TV is a Canadian entertainment show. This interview with DJE was conducted on the JAG set during filming in Season Six.

The interview starts off with a video clip from the episode Flight Risk as introduction.

DJE: I play a Navy lawyer... sometime pilot ... flies F-14's and fights nasty battles in the courtroom. He's an all-around hero.

... You go in with 900 people and then they pare it down to 400 and they cut it down to 200, then 100, then 50. By the end there were like, 4 of us and I won. We were originally on NBC and they dropped the show. CBS picked it up as a mid-season replacement. And it started becoming very successful and it eventually became pretty much of a hit.
Back when I left, it wasn't as busy in Canada. It was just starting to bubble a little, you know. I mean, when I got out of theatre school there was only the CBC. If you wanted to work in television, that was it. If they didn't like you at the CBC, you weren't doing it. You weren't in TV. You were doing theatre. So it's slowly changing. It's changed drastically since I've left.
I've paid my dues. Or so I thought. And nobody seemed to care. It was like ... so you worked there [in Canada]. It doesn't matter here [in the United States]. The only thing that matters here is what you've done here. And so you have to pay your dues all over again.
The fact that my privacy is compromised ... I try not to concentrate on it too much - for me! I worry more for my family. Me, I could care less what you or anybody, you know, what anybody says about me. It's like, whatever!
I know what the truth is. You know, I used to believe the things that I read about the people in the public eye. But I'm not so ready to believe it any more because I've seen things printed that I go 'What? What is that? That is such a lie!'
I have a nice house and I have a lot of money in the bank, so I'm comfortable. Things are good! But I'm not going insane. That's why you haven't read about me in the Inquirer ... much! [laughing]

  • DJE's favourite holiday movie: It's a Wonderful Life, "not the colourized version".

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