The Rosie O'Donnell Show

February 1997

[showed a clip from Heroes]


Rosie O'Donnell: Please welcome David James Elliott! ... How are you?

David James Elliott: Good!

RO: Nice to meet you.

DJE: Nice to be here. Thanks for having me.

RO: Your publicist kept sending me 8 x 10's of you ... [showing him publicity photographs]

DJE: I see that. I heard.

RO: Look ... all these different shots. Is that your autograph?


DJE: No.

RO: It's not, is it? It's your publicist's ...

DJE: I'd be lying if I said it was.

RO: This is sort of my favourite one here. That's a cute thing there ...

DJE: It's very ... uh ... you know ....

RO: Are you having fun on the show?

DJE: So far, yeah.

RO: Very action-filled. Do you do your own stunts?

DJE: I do a lot of stunts. I injure myself constantly.

RO: Really?

DJE: I threw my back ... I sprained my sacroiliac yesterday. I almost came out like Groucho ... if it weren't for my therapist.

RO: How did you sprain it?


DJE: I had to carry a 200-lb man. [ed. Force Recon] ... We were doing this recon marine thing, that's why I'm sporting this new hairstyle. And we're going through this urban warfare training. He gets injured and I had to carry him out of this war-torn village on my back, up a hill.

RO: And they made you do it?

DJE: Yes.

RO: See, that's not good.

DJE: That's not good, no.

RO: You gotta get a stunt man.

DJE: I have a stunt man. Diamond Farnsworth is my stunt man.

RO: Is he good?

DJE: He's great. His father is Richard Farnsworth, who was a stunt man before he became an actor.

RO: Runs in the family.

DJE: Yes. But he's not doing as many stunts as maybe he will be soon.

RO: Yeah. You have your agent call and say, "Stop sending the pictures to Rosie. Get on the stunt man deal." You know what I mean?

DJE: Yes.

RO: Now you used to do theatre as well?

DJE: Did a lot of theatre. Yeah. I trained for theatre. And as a matter of fact, I had a stunt that went wrong when I was starting out in Stratford. We were doing Richard the Second. Brian Bedford was playing Richard the Second. And he's such a great actor. Every night I would come on at the end of the play as one of the murderers to murder Richard. You never know what you were going to get when you came out 'cause every night was different.

This night I came running out - we were about six months into the run of the show - and he was crazed. Normally what I do is I thrust a spear just to the side of him. He would parry it with a knife. At the last minute he would turn the blade, fake a stab to the stomach and throw me backwards.

RO: Right.


DJE: Well, this night he jumped in front of the spear and like ... "Arghhh!" ... Knocked it out of the way, didn't turn the blade, stabbed me, threw me back. I hit my head on the step. I saw this flash of light. And I was out for a minute. And all I remember is the lights going down and thinking, "I have to get off stage." ... You would follow this glow tape off.

I managed to make it to the top of the stairs in the dark and I stepped off the edge. I did a flip and landed on a guy in the front row!

RO: Oh my gosh! Lawsuit!

DJE: I think there was a lawsuit. I mean, I never saw it, but that's what I heard. I broke his leg.

RO: Oh really? No kidding?

DJE: Yeah.

RO: You have a daughter? One daughter?

DJE: Yeah.

RO: How do you like being a Dad?

DJE: Oh it's great! The best thing, really. ... In the beginning, she had colic ... I don't know what your experience was like with your children ...

RO: He was up every hour, but he didn't have colic. He just wasn't into sleeping.

DJE: Ah man! From midnight until four in the morning she would scream like a banshee.

RO: Yeah?

DJE: It was outrageous!

RO: Now she's four?

DJE: Yeah.

RO: Now she's the light of your life, I bet.


DJE: Oh yeah! ... I give, you know. She's into credit cards and money ...

RO: No kidding? At four?

DJE: At four.

RO: Really!

DJE: Seemed to grasp that ...

RO: Here, you give her this Elmo. Try to get her off to that, all right?

DJE: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

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