Live with Regis and Kelly
November 11, 2002


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DJE on Regis and Kelly David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott David James Elliott


Regis Philbin: Now in his eighth season as the Navy Commander in the hit series JAG, here's David James Elliott! [DJE enters to loud applause and cheers]

Hi David!

Kelly Ripa: How are you?

David James Elliott: Excellent!

Regis: How you doin' big guy?

DJE: I'm good. Thanks.

Regis: I saw you on Entertainment Tonight the other night ...

Kelly: Yes, being interviewed by your wife.

DJE: Yes!

Regis: But you were sort of like the co-host of the show, weren't you?

DJE: Oh yeah, they're starting to do that.

Regis: How'd you like that?

DJE: It's fun. But it's not that easy. It looks easy, but then ...

Regis: What's so hard about it? [joking] Reading cards ...

DJE: Well I guess, for you ...

Regis: No, what you're doing is hard.

DJE: What you're doing is hard! [grinning]

Regis: Well, you're right about that!

Kelly: Regis, I love these pants that David's wearing. You have to get a pair like it. [they all look at DJE's pants]

Regis: They're striped. [pointing at them]

DJE: Yes. They're new.

Kelly: I love them! ... Your wife is also expecting.

DJE: Yes. And you are about as far along as she is.

Kelly: Yes. And honestly, am I twice her size? I saw her - don't lie to me! - I saw her on Entertainment Tonight!

DJE: [laughing] You don't look that pregnant to me.

Kelly: Thank you. It's a great jacket. I might wear it every day.

DJE: Nanci doesn't look that pregnant either.

Kelly: So, you have ... daughters?

DJE: I have a nine-year-old daughter.

Kelly: Thank you.

DJE: And she's [Nanci] due in February. And she's nicer now than she's ever been. Are you that way? I'm thinking of keeping her pregnant ...

Kelly: Me? I'm as mean as ... it's my third time around so I'm very mean now. [to Regis] Don't you think?

Regis: I have no comment. [making a big show of innocence to loud laughter] We're expecting our baby in February.  Hey, this is Veterans Day now. Do people look at you with a little more respect. You look great in those clothes.

DJE: It's early in the day yet, but thanks.

Regis: Does that happen?

DJE: The veterans love the show.

Regis: And you're number one this year? ... Ever since Millionaire walked out. Cleared the way for you.

DJE: It's true!

Regis: You will never be able to thank me enough that I took that Millionaire show off for you.

DJE: I've been cursing you for a long time. [jokingly]

Kelly: You saved two networks at once.

Regis: That's right. NBC and CBS.

Kelly: So what did you do now, over your hiatus? I mean like, you guys have ... how long is your hiatus?

DJE: Two months. ... I went to the Bahamas, then I went to Italy for three weeks ...

Regis: Vacation?

DJE: Yeah. I did the whole country. Started in Sicily, drove - rented a car - and drove. Never do that!

Kelly: Never drive in Italy.

DJE: Never drive. It's harrowing. God! They drive like maniacs.

Kelly: You can go at four hundred miles an hour before anyone will pull you over.

DJE: I tell you, there were some moments there! But we drove. We did the whole country. It was incredible. Then we went to Africa. And I swam with great white sharks in the wild. [Celebrity Shark Week]

Regis: Yeah, you were in a cage to protect you from ...

DJE: Out of the cage.

Regis: Oh stop it!

Kelly: You were really out of the cage?

DJE: [nodding] Yes.

Kelly: Why did you get out of the cage?

Regis: Oh come on!

DJE: I went there to go in the cage. It was for Discovery Channel. They said, would you like to come and have a shark experience?

Regis: No, we don't want a shark experience! Stay in the cage!

DJE: Part of me was screaming that all the time.

Regis: So they put you in a cage and you ...

DJE: Well they didn't. That was how the offer came down. You want to get in a cage and look at the great white sharks. I thought, wow, how cool would that be? Then I got there and the first thing they said to me was, would you consider getting out of the cage? I thought they were kidding. Well oh sure, I'll get out if you will. They said, we're not going to be in the cage. We'll be out of the cage. I thought, oh great!

Kelly: They were questioning your manhood.

DJE: Yes, yes! When the cameras are rolling, you'll do anything. Or I will!

Regis: But you're JAG! You've got to do these things!

DJE: Yes.

Regis: So what was it like? The sharks bother you?

DJE: Unbelievable! They're enormous. They're like, twenty feet long, five feet wide across the head. And they come as close to me as I am to you. They swim, like, right up to you.

Regis: And what's to prevent them from biting you?

DJE: Nothing.

Regis: You got a little stick?

DJE: I got a little stick ...

Regis: You got a kitchen prong?

DJE: A little stick and I said, when they come to me do I stab at them. No no no! Don't do that. That would upset them and they're liable to kill you. Don't let them touch you. Just push them off gently. Let them swim into the stick, feel that it's hard, then they'll likely go away.

Regis: [to Kelly] He's an adventurous kind of guy.

Kelly: He is. I would have drowned.

DJE: You know, it's a different kind of cowardice. When the cameras roll ... I find, for me, I was scared to death, but I was more afraid of looking bad. [ with a big grin]

Regis: Oh you actor, you! ... What about your triathlon events?

DJE: Oh yeah. I started triathlon-ing. I'd run a bunch of marathons recently, and then somebody asked me if I wanted to take part in the Pediatric AIDS Triathlon, and then from that someone asked me if I wanted to take part in this challenged-athlete half a triathlon - half an Ironman - swim a mile, bike 56, run 13.

Regis: Swim a mile, bike 56 miles?

DJE: Run 13.

Regis: And then run 13 miles.

DJE: But I didn't swim. I had a challenged-athlete did the swimming then I did the last ... I biked and ran.

Regis: I see. So you split it up.

DJE: Because of that, I was invited to the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, next October.

Kelly: Are you going to do that?

DJE: Yeah. I'm going to start training to do that.

Regis: So you must think you're pretty hot stuff.

Kelly: Once he swam with those sharks ...

Regis: That's why you could walk around with those pants on and not be afraid. [loud laughter]

Okay! We have a clip, David.

Kelly: Well you know, David's co-star, Catherine Bell, is also pregnant. So he's surrounded by pregnant women.

DJE: And my wife is on the show. It's like we're pregnant.

Regis: Wow! You and I are the only ones not pregnant.

DJE: Yes.

Regis: In this episode of JAG you're discussing a sexual harassment case, with your co-star.

[shows a clip from a JAG episode.]

Regis: What's going on in the service these days? ... What is this? It's your eighth year now?

DJE: Eighth.

Regis: What a nice run!

DJE: And we were number 12 last week.

Regis: I know. And you're just getting bigger and bigger.

DJE: Every week.

Regis: JAG is on Tuesday night! David James Elliott! Thanks, David.

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