Live with Regis and Kelly
The Bahamas: February 27, 2002

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Regis: This is another hometown boy. He was born and raised here in The Bahamas, now flying high in the CBS hit series JAG, here's David James Elliott! How're you doin'?

David James Elliott: Regis [shaking hands with Regis], Kelly [kissing Kelly on the cheek]. Nice to see you.

Kelly: JAG himself.

DJE: Thank you. It's nice to be here.

Regis: And I was surprised to learn you were born here ..

DJE: No. Let me straighten this out. First, my father's from here. I was not born here.

Regis: I got you!

DJE: I spent a great deal of time here. I have a home here.

Kelly: You can tell the natives because ... you seem less hot than people who come here from New York City, where this seems like the hottest place on earth. People from The Bahamas or people who spend a great deal of time here, they don't even, they're not even spritzy. They're not even sweaty at all!

DJE: They move a lot slower too.

Kelly: Yeah! It's terrific.

DJE: So what was it like growing up here?

DJE: You know, I tell you, here's an interesting story. I had my first drink here in a bar at twelve. [laughter] I think the laws have changed since then ... but I walked into a bar on one of the other islands, twelve years old, sat down, ordered a creme de banana ...

Kelly: So what was the rule? You were old enough to see over the bar?

DJE: I don't know. There was probably a law, but .... very relaxed.

Regis: What did your father do here?

DJE: My father was in construction.

Regis: So you were raised with this whole Bahamian influence. A lot of music in your life ...

DJE: Yeah. My father was a great guitar player. Played calypso music. You know, Bahamian food, every weekend was like a Bahamian ... it was like "junk canoe".

Kelly: That's just great!

Regis: Absolutely. And David is quite an athlete. He would be a sensation on the Survivor series.

Kelly: That's what we were saying beforehand. You were quite the ...

DJE: I would've, yeah! Coming here, growing up, coming here all my life. I learned to free-dive quite well.

Kelly: Like off a cliff?

DJE: Oh no no no! I mean like ... breath-hold diving.

Kelly: What's breath-hold diving? ... [gasping] You mean, where you hold your breath and you go down, down, down and you don't have any scuba gear. You're just ...

DJE: Yeah.

Kelly: Oh my goodness!

DJE: Yeah. We spear-fish. Use one sling and dive about 60, 70 feet of water.

Regis: And how far is the fish when you spear it?

DJE: Well, if he goes into a cave, sometimes you've got to chase him into a cave and you climb in there. It's a little unnerving at times.

Kelly: Were you ever afraid that maybe you wouldn't make it back up to the surface in time?

DJE: Oh yeah. We've had some shark encounters.

Regis: All this while you're holding your breath?

DJE: Yeah!

Regis: Wow! You don't have a lot of time, have to get this fish.

DJE: You got to make a quick decision. [laughing]

Kelly: But once you're down there - you'll see this from my scuba diving - the fish really aren't afraid of you. Like fish in a tank, if you put your finger in, they scamper away?

DJE: It depends on the fish. Certain fish you have to approach in a different way. [gesturing with his hands] Some of them you go ... you'll come down ...

Kelly: Well they took me near the dumb fish ...

DJE: They took you to the tame fish.

Kelly: Fish that didn't know any better! Well they go look who's here!

Regis: So what else is going on in your life?

DJE: Ah! You know, last night the 150th episode of our show aired. [applause]

Regis: Congratulations! That's terrific! How many years?

DJE: Seventh season.

Regis: Seventh season. Good for you!

Kelly: That'd feel so good because nowadays, shows come and go, they're cancelled really quickly.

DJE: It's unbelievable.

Kelly: Such a success for so long! It gets more and more popular.

DJE: Yeah! Thank God that Regis' gone.

Regis: Yes. JAG is now No. 1. That Millionaire has left Tuesday nights. Another smart move by ... So what are you, flying with the Blue Angels next month, eh?

DJE: You know, I am. And I was thinking, watching Ethan [earlier guest] go down that slide ... seems like a great idea at the time, until you're actually there and I'm always going, why am I doing this?

Regis: Years ago I flew with the Blue Angels. It's quite an experience. They're such great pilots. You're in good hands.

Kelly: They don't let you touch anything?

DJE: Oh well, let's hope not! Actually, you can ... I went up in them once and they let you have a little stick time.

Regis: Oh yeah, sure! Good!

DJE: I liked it better when they were flying

Regis: Yeah. Give it to them! So, how did you do in that Bob Hope golf tournament?

DJE: You know, I did "not bad", [it was] good for me. I was never in danger of winning [grinning], but I played well, for a bit. Then I played the 18th tee, and I didn't play so well.

Regis: You got some autographs while you were there with all those celebrities?

DJE: Oh, let me tell you something. We had ... uh ... what was it ... one of the guys from the Backstreet Boys - forgive me if I forget his name ..

Regis: Who's the Backstreet Boys.

Kelly: Oh you're asking ...

DJE: JD or JT ...

Regis: Yeah! JD!

Kelly: JT ... from 'NSync!

DJE: No, 'NSync was behind us in a group; in front of us was the Backstreet Boys.

Regis: No, JT. I love him.

DJE: [laughing] Yeah! Wooo! I hope you'll forgive me. My daughter was .. like wow! so I had to get their autographs.

Regis: Now how did you feel, going up to one of the Backstreet Boys, big network star, for crying out loud!

DJE: I don't think they knew who I was.

Regis: Well you didn't know who they were either, so you're even!

DJE: [chuckling] Yeah. Wow! The galleries following those guys! I would hate to be a professional golfer trying to golf ...

Regis: Those kids pretty good golfers?

DJE: [deadpan] They were terrible. Nice kids, terrible golfers.

Regis: I'll bet! Well, listen, JAG continues on Tuesday nights at 8 o'clock on CBS. Thanks very much! Good luck and thanks for coming down to The Bahamas with us. Have a good time while you're here.


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