David James Elliott on Live With Regis and Kelly

November 12, 2001

Regis: Next guest, big star of the hot drama series JAG, here's David James Elliott! [loud screams and cheers] ... Hello David! How are you, buddy? Good to see you! Yah! JAG is here! [in an exaggerated growl]

David James Elliott: [laughing, in a guttural voice, mimicking Regis] JAG!

Regis: JAG is here!

DJE: I know why you guys are sick. I've come to the conclusion ... it's cold back there. You could hang meat ...

Kelly: It is very cold.

Regis: I don't know ...

DJE: Is that to keep those guys awake? [pointing at the camera crew]

Regis: For a guy from Canada, you should be used to that.

DJE: It's been a long time.

Kelly: It's to keep us well-preserved.

Regis: So many folks come from Canada down here and make a big success.

DJE: It's no wonder why.

Regis: What's the wonder why?

DJE: It's warmer here, even in New York.

Regis: Of course you couldn't wait to get out of it. Where did you come from originally?

DJE: Toronto.

Regis: Did you act there first, David?

DJE: Yeah.

Kelly: You know what, it's so surprising! JAG has been on the air for seven years ...

DJE: Seven years.

Kelly: It doesn't seem like that long.

DJE: It does to me.

Regis: Long hours, huh?

DJE: It's long days.

Regis: So when you get a vacation you really enjoy it. So what did you do this year?

DJE: I went to Australia. I shot a movie that will never air ... it was about a hijacking ... so after ... you know ... [referring to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001] [makes a cutting gesture with his hand]

Regis: You're kidding.

DJE: But it was nice there. I learned to surf .. well, [muttering and correcting himself] "I learned to surf" ... I took surf lessons.

See pictures of
DJE 'surfing'
in Australia

Regis: Did you really?

DJE: From a guy who was #1 in the world for three years - Shane [Dorian].

Regis: He must be great, huh?

DJE: He's amazing. Yeah. I just watched him. I paid to watch him. I mean, I never really got up.

Regis: I love it when they go into the tunnel ... you know, the wave is crashing over and they're right in the ... Can you do that?

DJE: [joking] Oh yeah! I was doing that the first day! [laughs] No, I never got up. I got up for like one second and fell over. He had been riding on top of the wave and doing 360's.

Regis: I don't know how they do it. I tried it once years in Hawaii - remember Gelman, they took the show out there? - and I couldn't do it.

DJE: It's so hard. It looks easy but ...

Kelly: And if the waves don't get you, the sharks certainly will. [everyone laughs]

DJE: Certainly on the west coast.

Regis: Where else did you go?

DJE: I went to Africa.

Regis & Kelly: Ah!

DJE: I went on safari in Africa.

Regis: No kidding, huh? ... Everybody going on a safari, how is that? Pretty good?

DJE: Ah! It's unbelievable. It's the second one I've done.

Regis: They take you out to the animals.

Kelly: Regis believes that there are no animals in Africa. It's just a vast conspiracy ...

Regis: That series on your network - Survivors? [joking] I've yet to see an animal!

DJE: Right!

Regis: Once! Inadvertently a zebra walked in. ... Give me the lions, give me the tigers, give me everything!

DJE: Well, you know what it is, they're not in the wild any more. They're in parks. You go in a park. It's like in a zoo.

Regis: You're absolutely right. In a park. It's unfortunate. Africa became a park.

DJE: That's it.

Regis: I like the old days. So did you see animals?

DJE: We saw everything except leopards which are so elusive.

Regis: Did you take pictures?

DJE: I took a lot of pictures. I brought my 8-year-old.

Regis: Where is your 8-year-old?

Stephanie and Nanci

DJE: She's here. There she is, over there. [pointing off-stage]

Regis: What is her name?

DJE: Stephanie. My wife Nanci. [loud applause]

Regis: Hi Stephanie! Hi Nanci!

Kelly: How many shots did you need?

DJE: We didn't need any shots. Where we went, there was a malaria-free zone.

Kelly: A malaria-free zone?

DJE: One of the reasons I went was, well, the small person I was with [Stephanie], I didn't want to have a thousand needles.

Regis: What's happening to Africa? Now they've got malaria-free zones!

[commercial break]

Regis: JAG has become [a hit] ... you know, before you came out here, I attributed that to the war.

DJE: That's really what it is. [joking] No, it's not. We were talking earlier. I think it could, partly, and a lot because of that show, what's the name of that show? [kiddingly]

Kelly: Millionaire! They moved Millionaire.

DJE: Damn Millionaire show. Yes. [laughing]

Regis: Millionaire was dynamite on Tuesday at 8:00. But then somebody moved it.

DJE: But we did the best against Millionaire that anybody did. But nobody was doing business against ...

Regis: I know. But then they moved it.

DJE: They moved it. Yeah! Thank God!

Regis: Yeah. Thank God. For you! Smart move for you.

DJE: [laughing] You have two shows. The rest of us have one.

Regis: Glad you're flourishing. Smart move for you! Two years I was the "king" on Tuesday night.

DJE: Now you're just the "king" on three nights a week.

Kelly: There's a new "king" and his name is David James Elliott! [loud cheers]

DJE: Yeah.

Regis: Let's talk about JAG now. You know, seven years. Harm and this girl Mac. He's Harm and she's Mac and you know, it's one of those things. But they just don't seem to get together though you're crazy about her. So what's going to happen here?

DJE: I don't know. You should watch ...

Regis: You give your heart ...

DJE: I would've. But when he finally commits, she backs away.

Regis: What's wrong? What's wrong with that silly Mac? Take a look at part of a scene. Here' what I'm talking about.

[shows clip from JAG episode Measure of Men]

Kelly: She left! That doesn't count.

DJE: It doesn't count. He didn't know.

Kelly: It doesn't count that you answered the question after she walked out.

DJE: She didn't wait.

Regis: Excuse me, shouldn't you two be worrying about the national security and not each other? Isn't that more important? ... anyway, JAG on tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clcok on CBS.

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