David James Elliott on Regis & Kathie Lee

May 1998


Regis: Nice to have you here. Welcome.... Incidentally, speaking of Seinfeld, and who can stop? ... you were the 'moving' guy on the Seinfeld episode ...

Kathie Lee: Carl the Moving Guy.

R: Carl the Moving Guy. And Elaine fell in love with you. Right?

KL: Yes, but they broke up.

David James Elliott: Yeah, it was ill-fated.

KL: Like all of her love affairs.


DJE: Yes.

R: Was that a good time for you?

DJE: I had a great time on that show. It was so nice.

R: Were you doing JAG at the time?

DJE: No. I was in negotiations.

R: So this gig came along ...

DJE: This gig came along and it was amazing. I filmed it on my birthday. It was really cool. I expected to be dealing with these incredibly huge egos but they were really really nice.

R: Yeah, that's great! ... Is Elaine a good kisser?

DJE: [laughs as Kathie Lee protests and the audience hoots]

R: Is Elaine a good kisser?

DJE: I think she is. Yes!

KL: He's a gentleman ...


DJE: Excuse me. My wife is here ...

KL: ... and would rather not answer such a question.

R: I thought I'd just ask. It's all in a day's work. Look what I gotta put up with! ... So how are you doing? Okay? JAG going great?

DJE: Yeah. It is.

KL: How long have you been on the air now?

DJE: Three years.

KL: This is quite a story ...

DJE: Yeah, we were on NBC originally. And then they kept moving us. They pre-empted us. They wouldn't say anything. And the show wouldn't die. And then after a full season on NBC, they cut us loose and CBS snapped us up immediately.

KL: And now you're beating NBC!

DJE: Yeah, we're in the Top 20. We're winning our timeslot.

R: Once in a while they let all the kinks get worked out during that first year of aggravation ...

DJE: Right. Exactly!

R: And the network gives up and the other one moves in. And they get a solid show.

KL: Perhaps would fill a programming need on a different network.

DJE: Well, you know what? It's more of a CBS show, really.

KL: The demographics ...

DJE: Yes. NBC is the sitcom network.

R: Well, you sure look good in your uniform.

DJE: Well ...God bless you!

Stephanie's drawing

[Regis points to a drawing Kathie Lee is holding]

R: Here's David's little girl, Stephanie, 5 years old ... a little drawing that she made of the family ...

KL: A little Picasso in the works ....

R: You think Cody is the only one who can draw?

KL: He can't draw very well.

R: Anyways ... let's take a look at this JAG... What does it stand for, JAG?

DJE: Judge Advocate General.

R: Of course. And that is the legal corps of the navy ...

DJE: Of the military, really.

R: And it prosecutes the law of the sea? And you're a Lieutenant-Commander? Right?

DJE: Yes sir.

R: Harm Rabb, Jr.! All right, fine!

KL: Gotta love a guy named Harm!

[showed a clip from To Russia With Love]

R: Did you really go?

DJE: Green screen Russia.

R: Ah ha! Okay!

KL: Hey, looks like Russia, okay?

R: Congratulations on staying with the show and making it into a hit.

DJE: Thank you.