Hollywood Heat on Court TV
Sept. 2006

Hollywood Heat host Lynn White: David James Elliott returns to series TV. The former JAG star joins Jennifer Finnigan and the CBS legal drama of Close to Home. Our Shira Lazar recently caught up with the stars on set to see if there really was no place like home…

Shira Lazar: David James Elliott must feel at home in the courtroom, he played a lawyer on the military drama JAG and now he’s playing a District Attorney on CBS’s legal drama Close to Home. (Clips are shown from the JAG pilot.)

Shira Lazar: David it seems you can’t get away from the courtroom. Am I right?

DJE: No…I am…my mother wanted me to be a lawyer…(smiles)

SL: How does it feel to be a part of this series now?

DJE: It’s nice. It’s nice to wear clothes that aren’t polyester. It’s nice to not worry about haircuts as much. It’s a different vibe and it’s fun. He’s a Manhattan attorney, He’s bringing that whole New York sense into small town Indiana. He’s bringing it in pretty fiercely, right out of the gate. Bang! I mean, it’s in your face and they have to deal.


SL: Annabeth has a lot more than a new DA to deal with. After the season finale left her a widow after her husband was killed in a car crash.

Jennifer Finnigan: She’s truly dealing on her own now. This is a woman with a child and doing it on her own now. It’s what so many woman do, it’s what Kimberly does every day (enter Kimberly Elise) it’s life. It’s being done very realistically. Baby Haley comes to work, she sits in her playpen while we’re cramming until the wee hours.

Kimberly Elise: And you’ll come and see my daughter here, curled up in a chair asleep as we work into the wee hours. It’s reality.


SL: So lots of changes for Close to Home but what I really want to know is will the new DA put the moves on Annabeth?

JF: With her husband just having past away I think we need to be sensitive to that.

DJE: I don’t know. You’d have to ask them about that. They aren’t forthcoming with all that information. So I don’t know if they know. But…more will be revealed….

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