Entertainment Tonight
May 23, 2000

ET: The end of JAG season brings
real-life sadness for series star
David James Elliott.

Tonight, for the first time, he talks
publicly about the death of his Dad.

DJE: My father passed away just
a little while ago.

ET: David immediately flew to Canada
to be with his family when his Dad,
Arnold, passed away last month.

DJE: Just my father passing was
really incredibly tough.


ET: To help him cope with his loss,
David is executive-producing and

starring in the film Faithful Travellers,
about a man who loses his father.

But first, JAG fans can see David in
tonight's cliffhanger on CBS. While
David's real-life wife Nanci Chambers

guest-stars, the episode is filled with
romantic tension between JAG and
another woman, his co-star
Catherine Bell.

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