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Entertainment Tonight
June 28, 2000

On the set of DJE's new TV Movie "Faithful Travelers"

To David James Elliott, the unflappable Commander Harmon Rabb is just a character he plays on JAG.  But the star tells ET how he used a personal tragedy to get through his new made-for-tv movie.


DJE: I was driving to work and I got a call that my father had a stroke.  By the time I got to Toronto, he had already passed away.




ET: The news came as a shock to David, who had long been in involved in the development of the made-for-tv movie "Faithful Travelers".  The story of a man who must come to grips after losing his father closely mirrored David's life, right down to the part about having a young daughter. 



(DJE filming scenes with co-star Alicia Morton)




DJE:   There were so many similarities.  It just seemed like I had to do this piece. It was too close to home. I had to do it.  He would have wanted me to go on.  He was a hard working guy and he believed in work. And you know ...there's healing in that. 



ET: While his character is going through a divorce, happily, that's one thing that David doesn't have to contend with in real life.  His wife, actress Nanci Chambers, is co-producing the CBS TV Movie with him.  And was a source of strength for him on the set.



NC:  I was worried. I was worried about the scenes in the movie where his father passes away.  I didn't know how it would go. I was there. I was right beside him. Waiting just to see if there were any moments or anything. But he came through like a professional.



ET: As for David, he has one wish for this labor of love that's become a fond tribute to his dad. 


DJE: I hope he would have loved it. I'm talking to him a lot, so I believe he's helping me through this.  I loved my dad.




ET:  And David tells ET that he's dedicating Faithful Travelers to the memory of his dad, Arnold.

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