Entertainment Tonight
October 2, 2000

ET: She's conquered music charts and movie screens, but now Bette Midler's sights are set on her new sitcom ...

Bette: You're grounded, hotshot!
Harm: But ...

Bette: Butt! The only butt you
should worry about is yours ...

Bette: ... in a court-martial!

ET: Bette reports for duty in a
guest-starring role within her own
series. Her TV alter ego lands a
shipshape job on JAG with David
James Elliott joining Midler in this
send-up of his own successful show.

Bette: Wipe that smirk off your face,
Pretty Boy! I guess you're feeling
mighty proud of yourself, aren't you?
BM: Oh yeah, he's a very good
actor. Oh yes! Yes! Excellent
timing and the best part is he
didn't break up when I did.

DJE: It was a lot of fun. She was
a doll. So nice!

ET: The Navy finds itself in need of
defence after accidentally rescuing
a contestant during an immunity
challenge in a Survivor-esque show.
But David says he's confident he
could outwit, outlast and outplay
in a real deal.

DJE: I can dive; I can spear fish.
Yeah, I think I'd be fine. I think they
should maybe do "Actor Survivor".

ET: And David appears to be back
in action after being hospitalized
briefly last week for a back injury.
The star was seen in a Los Angeles
restaurant over the weekend
with his family.

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