CBS The Early Show
January 8, 2001

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Dodson's JourneyJane Clayson: David James Elliott portrays an ace Navy pilot turned lawyer on the hit TV series JAG, but in his latest small screen project, a made-for-tv movie, it's called Dobson's Journey, he's not only the star, he's the producer as well. Good morning!

David James ElliottDavid James Elliott: Good morning!

Jane: Nice to see you.

DJE: Thank you for having me, Jane.

Jane: You know what? You look so good in a uniform. I just got to tell you that right off the bat in JAG. I mean, you know, you look great!


David James ElliottDJE: Thanks.

Jane: But you've taken off the uniform and you're in a new set of ...

DJE: Couldn't wait to get it off.

Jane: Yeah? Tell me about this new project called Dobson's Journey ...

DJE: Dod ... Dodson's Journey. James Dodson wrote a book called Faithful Travelers and a friend of my wife and I, Josh Mower, brought the book. And we partner-produced this and we developed it from the book. It has a great cast and a great writer who adapted it - John Pielmeier.

Jane: And what's it about?

DJE: It's about ... a lot of things. It's an inner journey ... His father dies. He's in a bad marriage. His wife divorces him. And he takes his daughter and goes on a cross-country fly-fishing trip. He thinks in the beginning that he needs a little time, that the relationship needs some time. He's in denial. He's taken a lot of bad turns in his life.

David James Elliott

Jane: It's his journey.

DJE: It's his journey. Through this journey he finds himself.

Jane: Let's take a clip ... we'll talk some more.

Dodson's Journey[clip from Dodson's Journey of James (DJE) and Becky (Nanci Chambers). Becky's made a rhubarb pie for James and his daughter Maggie.]

Jane: [chuckling] Who does the pie-baking at home? 'Cause that's your wife in real life. Right?

DJE: [laughing] Yeah, right. We buy the pies.

Jane: [laughing] You bought the pies. No time for pie-making.

DJE: No. No pie-making. We try to keep them away.

Jane: You both co-produced ..

DJE: We co-produced it. It was great because she would protect me ... because I was starring, I had a lot of headaches, which was staying in character. And so she would protect me from the little arguments ... well, not really arguments, just the whatever ... the problems that would arise constantly ...

Jane: Yeah, something goes wrong on the set ... And when you had to work with her, practising your scenes or whatever .. I mean, that's hard in a marriage, in a relationship, I would assume.

DJE: Ah, you gotta watch ... 'cause she works on the show too, on JAG. I have to watch myself, that I don't start directing ...

Jane: [laughing] You'll hear about it at night.

DJE: [grinning] I'll hear about it then, or later ... or looks ...

Jane: Lot's of fly-fishing in this movie. It's very beautiful in that way.

DJE: Yeah.

Jane: You became an expert fly-fisherman.

DJE: I became better. I don't know if I'm an expert. I became a lot better than I was. I've tried it before. I've done a little fly-fishing before this film. It's not something you take on and learn over a weekend. It's a lifetime ...

Jane: Lots of fun though, and very relaxing.

DJE: It is.

Jane: Speaking of JAG, we got to get to it just for a moment. 'Cause I can't let you leave without talking about it. Sixth season, right?

[shows clip of Harm talking to Lt. Singer, likely from new episode Touch and Go as they continue with the interview]

DJE: Yeah.

Jane: And you guys are doing better than ever.

DJE: Incredible. 127 shows, I think, so far we've filmed.

Jane: A lot of people would think that, you know, after the sixth season, you're sort of mailing it in but you're right on it.

DJE: Yeah, nobody is [mailing it in]. You know, everybody on the show really puts their best foot forward, continually. It's something that people who know those things, who come in and they're always telling us how amazed they are that everybody really still cares as much as they do.

Jane: Keep that uniform on, buddy. ... Congratulations on the new project and the best to your wife.

DJE: Thanks. 'Bye.


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