David James Elliott on CBS This Morning

DJE kayaking

[showed a clip from We the People]

Eleanor Mondale: Wet and wild, that's what comes to mind and much more when I went kayaking on the Hudson with the very athletic and did I say very good-looking David James Elliott!

[music is Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot]

EM: Feeling hot, but looking cool. David James Elliott and I cruising up the Hudson River. Okay, I'll come clean. This is our first time in kayaks. Our Chelsea Piers instructor, Eric Stiller, is just a few strokes away. But before hitting the water, we got our feet wet on dry land.


Eric Stiller: The thing about kayaking ... this is very important. You bring the boat and yourself to the blade. You don't bring the blade through the water.

EM: We twisted our torsos and practised with paddles ...

dryland kayaking

David James Elliott: Beautiful stuff ...

[music Rock the Boat]

EM: Not only did I rock the boat, I tipped the darn thing over! But I quickly recovered and we were on our way!

DJE: Oh, this is cool!

EM: Incredible! So what in your personal regime could prepare you for this vigorous athletic activity?

DJE: I think a lot of situps and some torso twists.

EM: Sunshine, skyline ... A perfect day and a perfect way to enjoy New York.

EM:You hang out here often?

DJE: Yeah, I come down the Hudson as often as ... whenever I'm in town.

EM: So how's it been so far?

DJE and EM

DJE: It's been good ... you're, uh ... you took a bit of a dive. How are you feeling? [reaching out to touch her wet sleeve]

EM: I'm a little damp. I was just showing you how to fall ...

DJE: How to turn ....

EM: Fortunately the cameras weren't rolling at that time.

EM: You seem to have a love for water.

DJE: My father is a Bahamian - was born and raised in the Bahamas, as was my grandfather - his father - and my great-grandfather. And I've been going there all my life. ... I don't know, maybe I was a fish in a past life. I feel really at home in the water. I love to dive. If I wasn't an actor, I'd probably be a professional fisherman.

[showed a clip from We the People]

EM: As the star of the military drama JAG, Elliott doesn't get much time to fish. But like the army [ed. navy], acting isn't just a job, it's an adventure!

DJE and EM

EM: Do you get mobbed by girls?

DJE: Um ... it's happened.

EM: Yeah. I remember when I saw you at the television studios and every female ... and some men ... were running as fast as they could to hook up with you ... right where they knew you were going to be. Like, accidentally, "Oh, I was just running some paper by ... my goodness, look who it is!"

DJE: Well, you know, it's funny, 'cause I don't see it. My wife sees it a lot. You know what I mean, when someone's looking at you and you turn to look at them, they instantly look away. Or they'll treat you ... like badly. It's kind of a high school thing.




EM: Yes, so you don't feel like you're so special?

DJE: Yeah.

EM: What's your perfect date?

DJE: Well, I guess a perfect date would start naked and end naked.

EM: Finally it was time to race for dry land. David immediately broke the no-splash rule. I retaliated by trying to sneak a ride [by hanging onto the end of his boat]. After much bumping and grinding, David went in for the kill. [DJE pulled ahead]. ... Throw me a rope or just drag me?

DJE: [laughing] No matter how you win, as long as you win!

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