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WPIX-TV NY Morning News
June 17, 2010

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H  =  Host
DJE  =  David James Elliott

H:    David James Elliott has flipped the script for his latest role, and is on the other side of the law in "Scoundrels".  (CLIP)  David James Elliott, welcome to the show.  Great to have you here.

DJE:    Thank you.  Very nice to be here.

H:    It's been 10 years.....well, JAG ran for 10 years.  You had a little time in between to catch your breath.  Let's talk about JAG for a second.  Were you happy to catch your breath, or did you think that the series maybe had some legs still, and you wanted to keep going?

DJE:    Oh, no, no, no--the series did have some legs, but I think 10 years was enough, and I needed a break, man.  I needed to take a breath and play a new character.

H:    Well, you're jumping back in and you are playing a new character.  You get to play a character--it's a little bit of a dramedy, as they call it, where there is some humor here.   It's not as dramatic as your last role.  What's it like?  What's the difference?

DJE:    A complete departure from the last role.  It's about a family of small-time criminals in Palm Springs, California.

H:    Always fun to play a criminal, I bet, right?

DJE:    Yeah, yeah.  The darker characters are more fun. (H/Yeah, absolutely)  But it was a great opportunity, and we can't wait.  Sunday night at 9 o'clock on ABC, and we premiere.

H:    Absolutely.  What do you expect?  Do you have high hopes for this?  I'm sure you do.  It must be neat to have such a good time slot as well.

DJE:    Yeah.  It's dynamite.  9 o'clock.  Especially in the summer.  With my limited knowledge, it seems that would be THE time slot to have anytime on Sunday night, 'cause that's more than likely the one time people will be home in the summer.

H:    You guys are shooting in New Mexico.  What's it like in New Mexico?

DJE:    It doubles well as Palm Springs, except for the lack of palm trees. (H/laughs/There you go) So other than that, it looks exactly like Palm Springs.  It's a lovely town, and close to California so I could jet back and forth, see my family a little bit, go do a little work, go back to the family.....

H:    Let's tie in family--Father's Day--you're a father of 2.  And this week-end you actually have a Hallmark movie coming out on Saturday night. (DJE/Saturday night, yeah)  What's the name of that movie?

DJE:    "Dad's Home"

H:    "Dad's Home"--celebrating Father's Day.  It's a big week-end for you.

DJE:    I guess it is--yeah--I'm looking forward to it!

H:    Tell us a little bit about the Hallmark movie.

DJE:    It's about a guy, he's a single father, he loses his job--the economy--it's more age related.  I think they said, for your salary we could hire two young people with a fresh outlook--he was in advertising.  So anyway, he's forced to suddenly deal with children.   His wife had died.  A horrific year for the poor guy.  I think his wife died, like a year before, he's dealing with two young children, oddly pretty much the same age difference as my own children.    I have a 17- and a 7-year-old, and these kids were like 16 and 6.

H:    7 and 17!  Talk about a difference!  You got that innocent 7-year-old and then you got, I'm sure, your angst-filled 17-year-old.  How do you juggle the two?  You have to go into different gears for them, right?

DJE:    Well, you know, you recover a little bit with the 7-year-old with all that innocence and love after the abuse of the 17-year-old.  She's actually a really good kid, but occasionally you get that look like 'You are possibly the stupidest person I have ever seen'.

H:    Well, they must be proud of their Daddy, 'cause he's back on TV, he's lookin' good, and he's probably going to have a big hit here--I'm confident of that.  What a pleasure.  Thank you for coming in. 

DJE:    Thank you.   Nice to meet you.

H:    Alright--you can get a double dose of David this week-end.  First on Saturday night when the Hallmark Channel movie "Dad's Home" premieres, and then on Sunday night for the premiere of "Scoundrels" on ABC.

When the male host sent the show back to the female host she said this ....

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