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"WAAF" Hillman Morning Show Podcast
June 18, 2010



DJE:   David James Elliott
Interviewer #1:   #1
Interviewer #2:   #2

Announcer:    WAAF Hill-Man Morning Show Podcast Gold -- Uh, Silver -- Okay, it's probably China.

#1:    Our next guest was on a television program with the very lovely Catherine Bell for many, many years.  David James Elliott is with us, who was on JAG.  And David, whatever happened to her?  She disappear?  Or where did she go?

#2:    He's talking to us, but it's not going over the air.

#1:    Why is that?

#2:    I couldn't tell you.

#1:    Hello David--Dave---  (DJE/Yeah)   Oh, there he is!  Nice!  How are you, David? (DJE/I've been here the whole time)  (Some banter)

#2:    I'm not taking the hit on this one.  (#1/Who's taking the hit on this one?)  Should have been tested before the program.  (#1/By who?)  By me.   But I'm not taking the hit.  At least I figured out the problem. (Laughter)

DJE:    Pass the buck, man! 

#2:    Hey, at least I figured out what the problem was.  (#1/David, you've been......)  (DJE/Never take a direct hit!)

#1:    David, you've been through this--a boom doesn't work, a camera falls over, take 14  (DJE/They didn't put film in the camera/Laughter)  ....After the whole day of shooting (more banter).  That scene was phenomenal,  I just forgot there was no tape....

DJE:    Yeah, yeah.  I remember a whole day being lost because they burned it when they sent the film in to be developed--they had to re-shoot, like a 16-hour day.

#2:    I was asking you--Does Catherine Bell still work?

DJE:    She's on "Army Wives".  (#2/Oh.....I think I've seen that)  "Army Wives"--She only does military shows--specialized. 

#2:    Very beautiful lady, very beautiful.   (DJE/Yes, very nice, beautiful, lovely)

#2:    But you're back with the show "Scoundrels", which I've seen promoted heavily.  It looks pretty good.  (DJE/Yeah, I think it's great!)   Give us a synopsis here.  I gather.....

DJE:    It's based on a hit television show out of New Zealand called "Outrageous Fortune", about a family of small time criminals.  And it begins with, begins with me going to jail, for what I assume is a short period of time, though I quickly discover that that is not the case.  I get sent away for a long 5 years in prison.  And my wife, Virginia Madsen, decides to take the family in a different direction--they want to go legit.  (#2/Oh--Very attractive--a beautiful lady)  Yeah, yeah.  It's funny--and you know, there are dramatic moments and funny--it's wacky, crazy characters--Mr. Toad's Wild Ride every Sunday at 9.

#1:    I feel like NCIS owes a little debt of gratitude to JAG. 

DJE:    Don't you?  Thank you.  Well, they do--I mean, we spun them off.  Where's my cut of that. (Laughter) That's what I wanna know.  I'm waiting for a check.

#2:    That's the #1 show on television.  I don't know if you knew that.
(DJE/Baffling!  I'm baffled by it)  I like it, but I don't know that I would say it's the #1 show on television. 

DJE:    What does that tell you?  I'll tell you the new #1 show on television.  (#2/Yes?)   "Scoundrels"  (Both/Yes!  Of course!  Sunday at 9!)  Sunday at 9 on ABC!

#1:    And aren't you doing some kind of a Hallmark Channel thing where you get out of a wheelchair and walk or something like that?  (DJE/Big laugh!)  Are you going to make me cry?

DJE:    Yes, I go to the Olympics as a gymnast (Laughter) months after sitting in the chair.  (#1/When is that on David?)  That's Saturday night at 8 o'clock, the day before.   It's the David James Elliott week-end coming up.  (#1/Wow! And I was going to go out)  No--forget that!

#2:    You play a guy who loses his job, and then he becomes Mr. Mom, is that correct?

DJE:    Yeah, he has an awakening.  He wakes up to the new rule of being a present father.  (Background music begins)  Oh, there you go.  Thank you.  That's my new theme music.  (DJE/Big laugh!)

#1:    A Hallmark Channel Production with David James Elliott.  (#2/I can't believe he did it!/Pretends crying).  From JAG to  jag-off this week on the Hallmark Channel.  (#2/Wow) (DJE/Wow, you can say that on radio?)  I don't know, I just say it, I don't care.  (Laughter)

#2:    So "Dad's Home" is on Saturday on Hallmark Channel (DJE/Yeah) and then "Scoundrels" begins Sunday at 9 on ABC.  (DJE/At 9--Our premiere--tune in) (#1/Excellent)  Well, thank you very much.  (DJE/Thank you!)  I apologize for the poor producing job that began your interview, but I think we saved it.  (DJE/Probably get another chance, I think)

#1:    Don't you run the Boston Marathon?

DJE:    I ran it a few times.  I don't run it anymore because I'm not doing any more marathons.  I did the Iron Man--that was my (#1/Swan song?) That was my swan song, thank you, yeah.

#1:    What was your time in Boston?

DJE:    My best time I think was 4:03 (Both/Aw, really! Wow!)  Now listen, I'm a heavyweight, man.  I'm weighing in at 225.  So 4.03 is good for a guy my size  (#1/Good job!)

#2:    Did you like it, though?  Did you like the atmosphere?

DJE:    I loved (!) it.  I loved it.  I've run 15 marathons.  I ran L.A., I ran Lake Tahoe, but Boston is the greatest marathon.

#!:    And are you rooting for the Lakers or the Celtics?

DJE:    I gotta say,  I'm rooting for the Celtics.

#2:    Good. Well, because you're on in Boston, what else would you say.

DJE:    Well--no--truly--I didn't even realize I was on in Boston, how about that!  (Laughter)

#1:    Didn't you wonder why we were asking about the Boston Marathon  (Laughter) (more banter)

DJE:    I started to glean that you may be near Boston, or maybe you had run it. (Laughter)

#1:    We're just a group of marathoners doing a morning show.  (DJE/Laughter/Marathon enthusiasts)  This is actually a running show, it's only about running. (#2/Laughter/Bill Rodgers Next!)

DJE:    I met Bill Rodgers.   He wasn't a very nice guy when I met him, I don't mind telling you.   I know he's probably a big hero in Boston, but he needs to work on his personality a little bit.  (#!/He wasn't nice?)  No, he wasn't very friendly.   I was disappointed. 

#1)    He was probably jealous....  (DJE/Maybe. You know, he saw the times that I had put up on the board....)  No, I was saying he's like 155 pounds soaking well (#2/and he's jealous of you)  Damn that guy's good looking!

DJE:    If your listening, Bill, cheer up, and be a little more friendly when you meet new people (Laughter), 'cause they may be on a radio someday (#2/in some city they don't know) in some city they're unaware they're in, and they may start saying not nice things about you.

#2:    Alright, David James Elliot, thank you.

DJE:    Thank you. Thanks guys.