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The View
November 19, 2003

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The View: Welcome back!

DJE: Thank you.

The View: You know what, I can see why they call you a stud-muffin now. In that scene, you're so cute, I would love to meet you on! [The show's previous segment was on a couple from going out on a blind date.]

DJE: What a nightmare! Not with you!

The View: Hey now! We play nice. ... You mean a blind date ...

DJE: A blind date starting on TV!

The View: We think they're perfect together.

DJE: Are you following them around?

The View: We're sending them out. We'll see them tomorrow, see how they do. ... We'll let them have some privacy. ... Just lurking in the background .... Speaking of, you have been involved in a nine-year platonic relationship with Mac on the show. I mean, you are killing us!

DJE: It's a question I get asked more often than any other. It was gonna happen last year, then Catherine Bell got pregnant. ... It killed it.

The View: That would've been a little bit weird.

DJE: It would have been weird.

The View: You went from base one to base two! ... The possibility is there?

DJE: The way I see it ... something will happen this year, but if I told you, I'd have to kill you. [joking]

The View: Exactly! ... You've been playing Commander Rabb now for nine years.

DJE: Nine years.

The View: What do you love most about the character? How do you keep it fresh?
Nine years, that's tough!

DJE: You know, it is. And the beginning of every year, I go 'God! How am I going to do it?' ... I just keep trying to peel the onion ... I get with the writers and explore another section of this character so that it can stay fresh. I'm directing this year. I directed an episode in the past and I'm going to direct another this year. I actually wrote two episodes, talking to them about buying them. They like them.

The View: Well that's fantastic! ... And a stud-muffin! ... One way you got to keep it fresh is you pull a lot from the headlines ... now we're in the war and conflict in Iraq ... some of the issues raised by that made their way onto JAG ...

DJE: Yes and sometimes it's a daunting task because you can wind up too far ahead. Gotta watch you don't go for the conclusions like ... prior to the war in Iraq, it felt like we were going but nobody was sure. And because there's some lead time - we shoot and then it airs - so if we didn't go and in our episode we did, it would be bad. We have to juggle that. Sometimes tricky. ... But it used to be on the show that if we did something, it would then happen later. It was weird.

The View: That's psychic.

DJE: Yeah, bizarre.

The View: Those are the elements that keep it fresh ... keeps the show alive.

DJE: I don't know how you can do a show like this without ...

The View: ... making it topical. ... Now, I just met your wife backstage. ... and Wyatt. Oh my God! Cute! You should see little Wyatt! Eight months old, right? ... Now Stephanie's ten. How does she like having a little brother? I was kinda jealous when my brother came along.

DJE: You know, when we went to the hospital, she was going to be in the room. And then she went with her uncle to get a drink downstairs and suddenly things turned bad ... the heartbeat started to go down, so we had to have an emergency Caesarean. Well, she came back into the room - we were gone! And no one told her where we were and she didn't really find us until after he had been born. She was like ... it was shocking. She was worried about her Mom. Anyway, the first thing she said to me was, 'I am OUT of here! Done! I'm going home!' I said, 'Come and see your brother.' 'No!' [laughter]

The View: Oh my! ... I don't blame her! ... Calm her down .... Is she better now?

DJE: Oh she loves him. Just took a little time ... ten years of being the apple of everyone's eye ...

The View: She's still the apple of your eye.

DJE: Always will be.

The View: People may not realize, but you started as a punk musician. For years you were a punk musician. ... And you have ... 25 guitars?

DJE: I have a lot of guitars, yes. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive.

The View: Where do you keep them?

DJE: They're in the closet, in my trailer ... My wife would like them all in my trailer.

The View: Do you think that if this hadn't worked out you would have stayed with music?

DJE: Uh ... you know, I started to go down that road and it's such a nightmare! I don't know how they do it. ... So many musicians!

The View: A lot of competition.

DJE: Not like acting where there's a bunch of auditions and you can go there to get the job. Where if you're in a band, you're out hustling.

The View: But you're so clean-cut. Were you, like, crazy-looking?

DJE: I had long hair ...

The View: Must have been adorable.

DJE: I thought I looked pretty nice [joking] ... it was the 70s! ... Everyone had long hair.

The View: You go from the long hair to like, the clean-cut.

DJE: I cut it really short ...

The View: But did you have piercings?

DJE: Well they weren't like piercings ... they were breaking glass, cutting themselves ... I didn't do that. ... No pierciings on my body! ... I tried to pierce my ear once. Couldn't get the pin through.

The View: You can't leave here without teaching me the salute ... the official salute.

DJE: Let's see what you got.

The View: She was on Survivor, she can do this.

DJE: That's like, pretty much a perfect salute. ... Right to the eye ...

The View: Oh, the eye...

DJE: Right to here, the eyebrow.

The View: Is that good?

DJE: Boom, and right down again. [demonstrating]

The View: Don't you ....

DJE: Yeah, you gotta bring the left foot in ....

The View: I see.

DJE: Not bad! Right there!



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