Entertainment Tonight Interview on board USS John C. Stennis
September 1999

(clip is a condensed version - full interview text below)

DAVID JAMES ELLIOTT is taking his hit series on the open sea! ET's own BOB GOEN caught up with David on an aircraft carrier to discuss the new season of "JAG."

Bob Goen: So what do you think of being on an aircraft carrier? Is it what it was cracked up to be?

David James Elliott: It looks great on film! Experiencing it is something else though!

Bob: What's it like?

David: It's really neat in a lot of ways. Sleeping here is something that doesn't really happen. I haven't slept -- maybe a half-hour last night. The noise is relentless! It never ends. The catapult is right above my room so all night it's like (makes airplane sounds). It never ends!

Bob: And you got one of the good rooms!

David: (laughs) I got the good room, right? It's unbelievable! My hat is off to these guys. This is definitely a young person's gig. They have been incredibly accommodating, and this kind of footage you can't buy -- so it's a great experience.

Bob: Do you regret not enlisting after high school?

David: Oh yeah, it's a big regret of mine.

Bob: How is the food?

David: The food takes a little getting used to, let me tell you... If you didn't know any better, it probably would be good food. I brought a bag full of food, bars, etc.. because I was alerted ahead of time. I was prepared for that -- just the sleep thing caught me off guard.

Bob: Are you a good seaman?

David: Oh, I can deal with anything.

Bob: I'm checking for patches...

David: No patches (shows ears and neck).

Bob: We don't need no stinking patches! So these guys have been hanging around -- does that bother you to have this kind of a gallery working?

David: They have been so accommodating. I think it's a great diversion for them, and they're excited to have us on board. We were up top yesterday, and the footage that we got was unbelievable. The jets coming in and taking off, it was brutal up there! My eyes and lungs were burning from all of that jet fuel. The helmets squeeze your head, so you have a searing headache, and burning eyes. It's a lot like hell! (laughs) My hat is off to these guys!

Bob: This is the holiday of a lifetime for you!

David: It's second honeymoon time!

Bob: Speaking of which, you had a wedding over the summer. What did you guys do for your honeymoon?

David: We went to Lanai. We found that a little slow, so then we went over to Maui, which was a little too touristy. So I think next time we have to go to the big island.

Bob: So how was the wedding? Doing it a second time?

David: Because we never had a wedding -- we were married but we never had a wedding -- so it was incredible! My wife put this thing together, and anybody who was there said it was like the greatest wedding they ever went to. It was unbelievable. I was blown away. My wife did an incredible job.

Bob: So you had a busy summer. You also shot a movie.

David: Yeah, I shot 'The Shrink Is In,' with COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE. That was a lot of fun. I was also shooting "JAG" at that time. I was doing both at the same time, so I was working seven days a week for about five weeks, which almost killed me! Then I went to the Bahamas by myself and went fishing. Then I came back and went golfing for five days in Arizona, got married, and then went to Hawaii, and now I'm back and straight to the carrier!

Bob: And you are rested!

David: Yeah, I am ready to go again!

Bob: So what is going on here?

David: We're shooting three episodes here. We are grabbing a lot of stock footage to cut into future episodes.

Bob: Anything specific that you know of that will happen to your character this year?

David: I'm getting a medal and being promoted! I'm going to be practicing law again -- otherwise we would have to change the name of the show. Other than that, I think there are some surprises that I haven't been told.

Bob: Are you going to be doing any more outings like this?

David: Yes, we are definitely going to be doing a lot of flying. Apparently we may be coming back on the carrier this December. Boy, am I looking forward to that! (laughs)

Our thanks to Arriall for this.