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David James Elliott on The Talk
March 23, 2011

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DJE:    David James Elliott
Hosts:    JC---Julie Chen
             HRP---Holly Robinson Peete
             LR---Leah Remini

JC:    You know our next guest as the star of the long-running CBS drama "JAG".   Now he has a recurring role on the hit show "CSI:NY".  Take a look.

Jo---Okay Russ, really.  We don't need to over think this.
Russ---Jo, I'm worried about you.
Russ---Oh, you're great at playing the brave one, keeping a stiff upper lip.  This isn't goin' away.  Ellie wants to see her biological mother, and I know it scares the hell outta you.
Jo---You have a little black book listing all the weaknesses of the ex-wife?
R---No.  It's a list of all the things that I adore about you.  And I care.

JC:    Please welcome David James Elliott!  (Loud Applause)  Welcome, welcome!

DJE:    Thank you.

JC:    Alright, so you're shooting "CSI:NY" just a few doors down on this lot.  (DJE:  Yeah).  How is it going?

DJE:    Well, they're on hiatus as of last night.  So it went well.

LR:    Are you correcting Julie?! 

DJE:    Ah.  Good God!  Can we rewind? (Laughter)

LR:    We don't do that stuff around here!

DJE:    Ah. Wow! Wow!

JC:    This is live television.  There is no re-wind!

DJE:    You were so much nicer to Regis.  (Laughter)

JC:    We used up all our nice energy already, okay?!  Especially Leah.
LR:    Yeah, It's gone.  Sorry, you're gonna get the _______.  (Laughter)

DJE:    Note taken---okay.

LR:    No, we were talking about spouses---working with our spouses.  You worked with your wife on JAG, right?  (DJE:  I did, yeah)  How was that?

DJE:    That was, uh---  (Laughter).  Well, you know. it was an adjustment period.  I think, you know, it was good.  But guys and women are different.  We're designed, or our natural inclination  is to fix things.  We see a problem, we wanna fix it. (LR:  Right)  Women like to, it seems to me anyway---you know maybe it's not completely true---but they like to talk about the problem, but they don't want you to fix it (Laughter).  (JC:  Right, yes, right)  So that's where the problems usually lay, in---you know what I mean?  So I would get......

JC:    We like to stew about it.
LR:    We like to stew, and then we also like to talk about intentions.  We also like to talk a lot about 'why she said that' (JC:  Yes) and 'why he did that' and 'I know'.....

DJE:    Yeah.  You want to figure it out (LR:  Yes!) and what you want from us is to go 'mmm-hmmm'.

HRP:    Yes. 
JC:    That's right.
LR:    Yes.  We want you to go 'you are right, baby---that guy sucks!'  (Laughter)  Like that, yeah!

DJE:    Yeah.  You don't want me to go 'let me deal with the guy, let me get him on the phone'.  That's not what you want, right?

LR:    We go 'wait a minute, let us get it out for 3 hours', and then say that---yes!

DJE:    Yes, so what I would do would be, I would interject and try, you know, and then get the look---the hairy eyeball look---

HRP:    Yeah.  You try and give solutions.

DJE:    ---there's already one director too many on this.  (Laughter)

HRP:    Now,  you have two children.  They're 18 and 8, correct?

DJE:    Yeah.  Took a little break in there.

HRP:    Yeah, I see---a little hiatus.
LR:    Girls?  Boys?

DJE:    A boy and a girl---an 8-year-old boy and an 18-year-old girl.  

HRP:    Aw!
LR:    How's the 18-year-old girl?

DJE:    She doesn't talk to me much.  (Laughter) 

LR:    She's an adult.  That's it.  She's done!

DJE:    No---she's great, but, yeah, she's not looking for my advice either.   (David laughs)

HRP:    Now when did they realize that they had a famous dad?  Was there a moment?

DJE:    I don't know that my little guy really is aware.  But, you know,  when I was doing JAG, and Stephanie was just a little girl then, and she came.  And we would go out to things, you know, and people would literally push her out of the way to get to, you know, to 'the guy', right?  And I think it definitely had an effect on her.

LR:    Yeah, because that's my Daddy.

DJE:    She's very private, she doesn't let out a lot of information.

JC:    She probably hated that you were famous.

DJE:    Yeah, I think she wasn't having a great time.  She enjoyed a little bit of the limelight, I guess 'cause it's human nature to enjoy when people, you know, look at you, whatever--- whatever the---kinda the celebrity.....

HRP:    A little bragging rights.
LR:    Exactly.  Whoever you could get her to meet or---and then it's fun. 

DJE:    Yeah, right---get her in there to meet. (LR:  Yeah, yeah)  Or sometimes, you know,  you'd meet them and wish that you hadn't, but.....

LR:    Yeah, right, exactly, which is most of the time.

DJE:    Yeah, a lot of the time.  You know, there were some people who will remain nameless that were pretty disappointing.

LR:    No, tell us!

DJE:    After.  (David laughs)

HRP:    In a break, in a break!
JC:    You recently took your whole family on a trip to the Amazon.  (David:  Yes)  (LR:  Oooh!)  Why was that important to take the whole family?

DJE:    We saw a movie called "CRUDE", about probably the worst oil disaster---man made disaster---ever on the planet, and it was a dump site.  It was an oil operation in the Amazon for I don't know how many years.  And the detritus from that operation is just like---it---compared to what happened in the Gulf, it's maybe 10 times worse, okay (LR:  Oh my) (JC:  Geez)  And so an opportunity came up that we could go down, and we could see the site.  We could also go to one of the most pristine bio-diverse areas of the Amazon and actually spend time, live with the tribe in the village.  So I thought it was like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wanted that for my children.  You know, when you live in LosAngeles or any of the big cities, you get a view of the world that's not really true, and so.....

LR:    Right, right.
JC:    What an unforgettable trip!

DJE:    It was.

JC:    You know what?  You made up, for all those fans that pushed her out of the way, to your daughter by taking them to the Amazon.
LR:    Yeah, exactly!

DJE:    Ah, I hope so!

JC:    Well, you can see David James Elliott on CSI:NY.  It airs Friday nights right here on CBS.  David James Elliott, thank you so much!

DJE:    Thank you.  Thanks.  (Loud applause)