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      Interview from ABC Press Tour
June , 2010

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ABC Press Day with David James Elliott

Q:    What attracted you to "Scoundrels"?

DJE:    It was a terrific script, very well written, great character, Wolfgang West, the character I play on ABC "Scoundrels".  You know, it was just a terrific opportunity to play somebody vastly different from probably a role that I'm really well known for on JAG for 10 years.  But that wasn't the sole reason, but it was all of those things--the fact that it was so well written, and it was such a great cast, and the character.

Q:    Tell us about the show.

DJE:    Based on a television show out of New Zealand called "Outrageous Fortune".  Been quite successful over there.   I think they're in their 6th season.  So right now we have 8 (episodes), and we premiere June 20th on ABC at 9 o'clock, and we're having a blast making them.

Q:    Describe your character on the show.

DJE:    He just has a skewed view of what right and wrong are, maybe to yours.  We're a dysfunctional family, but then every family is dysfunctional on a level, and our dysfunction just might be a little different than most.  But we function well as a family.  We have dinners together, we love each other, we take care of each other.  And we're just taking from the bad guys--the guys who are stealing from us.

Q:    What can audiences expect to see on "Scoundrels"?

DJE:    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.**  It's crazy, wacky, lovable people.  It's just a great ride, man.  It's a lot of fun.  I saw the Pilot, and the shows just keep getting better and better.  The writing it spectacular.  And so hopefully it finds some footing, and maybe we go beyond 8.  But even if it is only 8, it'll have been a great 8.


Q:    What part of "Scoundrels" was most appealing to you?

VM:    I was excited about this project, because it had both comedy and drama, and it really felt like an ensemble piece.  I got to work with David James Elliott, who I think is just a wonderful actor.   I also got to work with these 4 young people that are so creative and so inventive.  And I loved that the story was about a family, a really strong, tight family.  Yes, we steal things now and again, but a strong family nonetheless.

**Refers to a ride at Disneyland/based on movie Wind in the Willows.