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TV Squad Interview from ABC Press Tour
June , 2010

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DJE  =  David James Elliott
VM  =  Virginia Madsen

VM:    We are a crime family.  And my husband, played by the magnificent David James Elliott--tall, dark and handsome, and fantastic actor--and I could talk about him all day.

DJE:    Family of small-time criminals.  For all intents and purposes, we are a typical American family.   You know, we're dysfunctional.  Every family's dysfunctional on a level.  Our dysfunction is a little left of your center.

VM:    In the story he gets a long jail sentence, but he's still on the show, so don't worry.  And then I decide that the entire family's going legit, and we are out of the crime business  And my children are very upset with me, 'cause they're quite good at crime.

DJE:    And she's decided to take a divergent path from our master plan while I'm locked up for a period of time--a little longer than I'd anticipated--and it's changed her thinking.  And she's trying to take the family in a different direction.  And I completely, totally, wholeheartedly disagree.

VM:    So when I'm telling my kids on the show that they have to get real jobs, like be a pool boy and work as a waitress.  And also my youngest, my 16-year-old in the show, she's been blackmailing her principal so that she never has to attend class.  So she's not happy when I tell her that's over.

DJE:    I was blown away at how good everybody was in it--how well it played, just the wacky humor, and how it really worked--it's a really terrific show.