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May 27, 2010

DJE:    David James Elliott
 VM:    Virginia Madsen

(ABC Clip Intro):    Finally, a show about family values.  That is, if your family values petty crime.

DJE:    Hi, how you doing?  David James Elliott.

(Clip):    Open up!  Police!

VM:    So I play Cheryl West (Clip:  Cheryl/Come on!) on the show "Scoundrels",  and we are a blue collar crime family.  And my husband, played by the amazing David James Elliott, gets sentenced to a long prison term.

(Clip):    Police/We have a warrant to search this address.

DJE:    My definition of a scoundrel is a lovable rogue, you know, and this is a family of lovable rogues.  And certainly I may be the biggest, and hopefully I'm lovable.

VM:    Oh, I think people are going to enjoy watching the show, because its really about a strong family.

(Clip):    Cheryl/We do not invade people's homes.

DJE:    It's so crazy, yet believable.

(Clip):    Cheryl/Rise and shine!  Cops!

VM:    It's about a very close family, believe it or not.  We have such incredible chemistry, not just David and I---naturally!, but the whole family.  It's like we've become really close, and we've bonded during the filming experience.