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The Rachael Ray Show
December 1, 2006

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David brings RR a bottle of "RR Chardonnay"

Rachael tells David that it is hard to look at him because it is "distracting how cute he is."

General conversation between David and RR.  They talk about Christmas shopping and David says the complaint he always gets is that "I just go and buy anything I want so there is nothing left to buy for me" Rachael says she has the same complaint about her husband.

Early in the show RR's guests were a young couple that had their truck and belongings stolen on their wedding day on the way to their honeymoon.  RR gives them a new honeymoon, clothes, ipods etc.   David tells a story about having items stolen at his wedding. 

He then teases the couple by saying maybe they should go to Beaches together.

At the end of the show, RR has David show his prowess by punching a boxing machine.  She explains she will have all her 'hotties' compete throughout the year...

David's answer... "Wow" 






Thanks for coming David!!

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