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Regis & Kelly
November 8, 2006

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Voiceover Introduction: You loved him as the star of the hit series JAG, was there ever a better-looking Navy officer than this guy? Now he plays the ambitious, no-nonsense DA in a small town on the popular crime drama, Close to Home – please welcome David James Elliott.


Regis: David, how are you?

Kelly: How are you?

DJE: Excellent.

Regis: Nice to see you again.

Kelly: Regis misses seeing you in uniform, talked about it several times.

Regis: Yeah, I thought you were…

DJE: We can hang out, you were in the Navy. I still have my old uniform.

Regis: You were a great looking Naval officer, no doubt about it.

DJE: I’m sure you were.

Regis: And you were on JAG for…

DJE: Ten years.

Regis: Ten years!

Kelly: It’s amazing, didn’t seem like that long.

DJE: Seemed like it to me. It went by pretty quickly.

Regis: You grew up in the Bahamas. Must have been pretty nice.

DJE: Yeah. (laughs)

Regis: You must miss it every now and then.

DJE: I go back a lot.

Regis: And he’s a tri athlete.

Kelly: No kidding.

Regis: One of those guys who swims and rides a bike.

Kelly: How much training does that entail?

DJE: Six days a week. I just did a half Ironman, the Challenged Athletes Foundation half Ironman. Matter of fact, Will Ferrell, he only did the running

Regis: Yeah, he’s into marathon running, right.

DJE: But we did some training together.

Regis: So the half Ironman, that’s half the distance in each category?

DJE: Yes, 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13 mile run.

Regis: Still pretty good numbers.

DJE: We did that on Sunday.

Regis: Well anyway, you’re coming in to the New York marathon next year?

DJE: That’s the plan.

Regis: Did you run this year?

DJE: No. I run Boston and LA.

Regis: Try New York. It’s fun to go through the park and the whole thing, it’s great.

Kelly: And the New Yorkers really come out, I mean it’s like a big, big deal here

Regis: It’s like a celebration.

DJE: I watched it twice.

Regis: Coming over that bridge, pounding it out, it’s great. Let’s talk about your new series, “Close to Home.”

DJE: Okay.

Regis: It’s in its second season, you’re a DA who leaves his legal office in Manhattan to join a suburban legal staff.

DJE: Shakes things up over there, he comes in with the, you know, New York attitude, New York timetable. He’s a New York minute kind of guy and they’re a little…it’s a little shocking out of the gate, but…

Regis: There’s a lot going on out in the suburbs too, right?

DJE: Yeah, the idea behind the show is that a lot of the law shows take place in the big cities. Crime is a little more twisted in the Midwest for some reason, I don’t know why.

Regis: Twisted? But are some of these stories taken from the real life headlines?

DJE: Yeah, ripped from the headlines stuff and it’s a bit of a departure for the Bruckheimer camp because they’re mostly procedural things and this is a little more character driven.

Regis: What is it about the Jerry Bruckheimer shows that seem to zip right up there?

DJE: I don’t know.

Regis: Is he that involved…

DJE: I’ve never met him. I saw him - I went to an event that honored him so I know he exists, that was the first time I saw him.

Regis: But in this scene we’re going to take a look at now, your character is investigating a case involving a minister found murdered in his home. Let’s take a look at David James Elliott in action.



(Shows clip from the episode)

Regis: Boy, you just take over, huh?

DJE: It’s that New York thing.

Regis: It’s on Friday nights on CBS, Close to Home.




Regis: Kelly just discovered a hickey on David James Elliott’s neck.

DJE: Wet suit burn.

Kelly: You animal.

Regis: He is an animal.

Kelly: You animal, you.

Regis: Thanks very much.

DJE: Thank you.


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