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People: Close Up with David James Elliott

July 8, 2010

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David James Elliott Speaking:

My name is David James Elliott, and Welcome.

I play Wolfgang West on the new, hopefully hit show "Scoundrels" on ABC.  It's about a family of criminals---small time criminals---that lives in Palm Springs.  They're not bad people.  They just have a skewed view of how to make a living.  I'm Wolf (Makes howling sound).

I'm waiting for my cut of the profits of these shows that JAG has spawned---NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, and maybe a 'thank you' from the players on those shows.  So as soon as those two things happen, I'm going to do a guest spot on both of them. (Wry smile)  Really, I guess it's something to be proud of---to have been part of a show a) for 10 years and (b) a show that has spawned two other enormously successful television shows.  Proud of being the father of NCIS and a grandfather of LL Cool J. (Smiles)