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PGA Tour Sunday
April 24,2005

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FC:    Fran Charles, Host
IH:    Inga Hammond, Comments and Questions

FC:    .....Elliott's a golf nut, a 6 handicap, who's no stranger to the PGA Tour, a staple at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am over the years.  Recently our own Inga Hammond checked out what's next for Elliott, at the Sixth Annual Television Academy Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic.


IH:    Why golf?  What is it about the game that drives you?

David:    Golf -- it's an addiction.  It's something you never master.  It just keeps you coming back -- that one perfect shot --

IH:    (David hits the ball)  That was fantastic!

David:    Thanks.

IH:    With the camera rolling, that's exactly when you want the good shot.

David:    That's beautiful, yeah.


David:    It (golf) lets you in a little bit.  It's like -- a lot like a woman really, you know (smiles).

IH:    I read somewhere that you said you like to take your little girl out with you sometimes riding around in the golf cart.  Is golf something you'd like to have the whole family and the kids with you?

David:    You know, I tried and tried.  I wanted my daughter to play.   We bought a house in Palm Springs.  I joined two golf courses out there, and I wind up being the only one.  But I have a son now, so there's still hope.

IH:    So there is hope.  But is there hope for Elliott's game?  An avid triathlete, David claims his handicap is a 6.

IH:    What is the state of your game right now?

David:    Well, it remains to be seen, but I haven't played in a while.  So I'm definitely getting the bug again.

IH:    Good timing.....For Elliott, it's a brand new day.

IH:    You know, with JAG ending and a development deal, got a new show coming, you're going to have to make sure that the new show has your golf stuff on the set.

David:    Oh yeah, absolutely, and we're playing with a golf idea, too.

IH:    Wouldn't that be heaven -- playing a PGA Tour professional.

David:   Wouldn't that be awesome.

IH:    Be a great show!

David:    Yeah.

IH: he said, it remains to be seen.   But one thing's for sure for this golf nut, the sky's the limit.

FC:    Thanks, Inga.  David James Elliott actually keeps a digital camera in his trailer on the set of JAG, just to make sure he can check his swing.

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