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Pure Oxygen
January 8, 2001

[Pure Oxygen was a talk show on the cable network Oxygen.]

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Stephanie: You know, to me, Tuesday evenings mean 3 things. A walk with my dog, a glass of wine and a fresh episode of JAG..with the lights off.  I think you know what I'm saying.   And I'm not alone.  In its six seasons, the military drama has made a star of its leading man, David James Elliott.  Let's take a look.

Stephanie: Now, David will be showing his soft side in the upcoming TV Movie Dodson's Journey and here to tell us all about it is my favorite TV hunk since Strom Thurmond [laugh], David James Elliott.  Thanks for coming!

DJE: Thanks, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Now, I know this show was cancelled....

DJE: Oh, I thought you had news for me...

Stephanie: ...on NBC...and now you're a big hit.   Do you send notes to NBC every week going na na na na na...

DJE: No, no...I don't go down that road.

Stephanie: Why do you think it's such a big hit now?

DJE: You know, it always had a strong core audience. That was the first thing they told us at CBS and they said wherever they put this show, it performs really solidly.  Obviously not through the roof like it has since it was moved to Tuesday night.  But we've been on 4 different nights...first Saturday, then Wednesday, then Friday and now Tuesdays.

Stephanie: And now you're like our steady boyfriend.

DJE: [laughs]

Stephanie: Because I know I'm a big JAG-head...or JAG-off, as some people call me.  A lot of my friends are.  And I love the military stuff on it, of course  And you got that military training from Canada, with its mighty military...

DJE: Yes, yes...[tongue-in-cheek] most Canadians spend time in the's a warsome tribe up there..

Stephanie: Did you enjoy growing up in Canada?

DJE: It was cold!  It was a nice place to grow up...and I enjoy going back there.  But I like LA now..

Stephanie: Now, you know I have to...because this is a chick I have to ask you about the most romantic story.  You just re-married your wife. You've been married for eight years...tell us about that.

DJE: We eloped in the beginning. And I said that one day...when we "make it", when we have money, we'd do it right. But we kept putting it off, and nothing seemed right..and then I finally...I think we were at Don Bellisario's wedding.  And I said, we need to do this.  And that set the wheels in motion. It became a huge wife pretty much produced the entire thing.

Stephanie: I think I speak for all the women watching when I say..awwww!   Now, you named your daughter Stephanie..was that after me?

DJE: Yes...I didn't realize until now...but yes...

Stephanie: Aw...that's so nice. Tell us, speaking of your softer side...your warm, fuzzy, cuddly side... tell us about Dodson's Journey...

DJE: James Dodson is a sports writer and he wrote this autobiographical novel called Faithful Travelers.  A friend came to my wife, we have this production company called Firefly Productions...this is our maiden project, and he brought the book and co-produced it.  We hired a writer...and we had an incredible cast...Robert Loggia, Penelope Ann Miller, Ellen Burstyn...

Stephanie: Wow.  We have a clip...lets take a look...

Stephanie: are obviously a hunky guy.  And I hate to do this to you, but I did some research, and I came across this photograph...

DJE: Ohmygod

Stephanie: And I need some explanation on this. Was this a Ted Nugent look-alike contest? Look, we have exactly the same hairdo!

DJE: Yes...see... well, my infatuation with you started early.   That's 1976...

Stephanie: What were you thinkin' there with the hair...

DJE: This was the style back then!

Stephanie: Now, I think you were in People Magazine's 50 most sexy..whatever...

DJE: Well, I offered them that photo!

Stephanie: Are they gonna revote that?

DJE: Oh, well thank you!  At the time, I'll have you know I was a very sexy man!

Stephanie: Listen, I looked like an Armenian man in high school...not that that's a bad thing, but it didn't look good in a blue prom dress!  I think it's brave of you to have photos like that out there!

DJE: I didn't put it out there. I wonder where you got it from?

Stephanie: Why weren't you wearing your shirt, just out of curiosity?

DJE: I think I know what that photo was? I was about to get my hair I wanted to get a picture of my hair at that length.  Long hair in '75, '76 was a big thing. 

Stephanie: Sure...I think that's the story you ought to stick with.   David James Elliott....thanks very much for being here.  Remember to catch I like to call him, this Wednesday on Dodson's Journey

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