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David James Elliott on
"Live with Kelly"
filmed in Banff, Alberta, CA

Apr 5, 2012

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DJE:  David James Kelly   KR:  Kelly Ripa. Host  BM:  Ben Mulroney, Co-Host

KR:   Our next guest is a well known actor in both television and film.  Now he stars in the popular ABC series "GCB".  Please welcome Canadian-born David James Elliott! 
DJE:   Nice to see you.  Hey!  How are you? Thank you.   Whoo!
KR:   May I touch your suit? 
DJE:   Nice.....
KR:   That's nice!
BM:   Yeah.
DJE:   Thank you.
KR:   Is that a corduroy suit?
DJE:   It is.
BM:   Yeah?
KR:   It's incredible.  It's so snuggly and warm.  Oh, it's fancy, too.
DJE:   Fancy---I'm tellin' you---Oh my god.
KR:   Gosh, you've gone Hollywood.
BM:   Yeah.
DJE:   Come on.
KR:   But you're a native of Canada.
DJE:   Yes---Yeah, never been here before.   But I am a native of Toronto, like you. (To Ben) 
BM:   Yeah, of Toronto.
DJE:   And I was here when your Dad was in charge.
BM:   That's right, and I think you left while he was in charge.
DJE:   (David grabs BM's lapels) And I got some problems!
BM:   Take a number.   Were you as reticent as I was to go down the hill in the dark? (Night skiing)
DJE:   No, 'cause I'm used to doing things blind, you know........I would say, yeah.  I used to drink, and now I don't anymore. So..... all those years of training.
KR:   I actually felt---I felt like a better skier blind.
BM:   Really?
KR:   I know.  I felt like I didn't work with the fear of seeing where trees were.
BM:   Sure, but it's a whole other fear.  It's a fear of falling off a cliff.
DJE:   I understand.  You know what?  I felt the same way.  I thought my form was much better in the dark.
KR:   I felt like my form was better in the dark, where nobody could see me fall--- yeah.
BM:   I didn't understand what was going on.
KR:   (To David) You had fun limbo line dancing.  You went under the limbo stick.
DJE:   I tried---I tried the limbo, yeah.
KR:   Yes, and I think we have some video of that.
BM:   Yes, you've got to see this.
DJE:   Oh god, really?! (Clip)
KR:   There it is.  Look at that.  
DJE:   I almost put my back out the first time---terrible!
BM:   I remember you saying---It is---limbo is not a tall man's game.
DJE:   It's not, and I'm of Bahamian descent.  So, you know, I should have been better at it, you would think, right?
KR:    I know that's where it started, right? 
DJE:   Yeah, that's where it all began, right.
KR:   I didn't realize you were of Bahamian descent.
DJE:   My father is from the Bahamas, yeah.  Born and raised in the islands, yes.
KR:   Incredible.  How nice.
BM:   And now---and so you've given the limbo up, but you're doing all sorts of other stuff.  You got the jujitsu and you got paddle.....
DJE:   Paddleboarding.
BM:   Paddleboarding.  I've seen it, yeah.
DJE:   You know what?  Like stand-up paddles, stand-up paddling.  
KR:   Right.
DJE:   Yeah, I'm going to do a race.  It's called the Molokai Challenge.  You..... 
KR/BM:   In Hawaii, yeah.
DJE:   You go from Molokai to Maui.  It's 32 miles.....
KR:   Standing up on a paddleboard.....
DJE:   Standing on a paddleboard, yeah.
BM:   Sure, why not.  'Cause you've got nothing better to do.
DJE:   Well---why---it's about staying in shape.  I used to do---I did the Ironman some years ago, and I did a lot of triathlons and stuff, but I was a big runner, and.... But I blew my knees out.....
BM:   So this other is better.
DJE:   .....and I can't run anymore.  So I do jujitsu with my buddy Royce (pronounced Hoyce) Gracie, two-time world champion.....
KR:   Wow.
BM:   That's serious stuff.
DJE:   .....and stand-up paddling.
BM:   I'm glad I've been nice to you all weekend.
DJE:   Yeah, I'll choke you out right now.
KR:   We have to take a commercial break.  But when we return, David's going to tell us what it's like working on the set  of "GCB", with our good friend, Kristin
DJE:   Good.

(SHOW RETURNS with "GCB" clip)
KR:   That was a scene from "GCB".  I love that show so much.
DJE:   Oh, thanks.  You know---you know you only see the top of my head on that show.....
KR:   I know.....
DJE:   .....'Cause I'm always bent over talking to Kristin.
KR:   I know, because Kristin is how tall?
DJE:   4'11"
KR:   4'11".....
BM:   And you are?
DJE:   6'4" (Laughter)
BM:   So you have to pick her up, kiss her, and put her down. (David laughs)
KR:   Do they ever put her on a platform for you, or.....
DJE:   They---you know, they haven't really.  Guess they don't mind the top of my head, I guess.
BM:   In the show (for those who haven't) seen the show---
DJE:   Who hasn't seen the show? (Points to BM)
BM:   You play a character--- You play a character named Ripp Cockburn.
DJE:   Yeah. 
KR:   He's a man!  Best name ever.
BM:   Speaking as a man, that's the most uncomfortable name I've ever heard.  I mean, it's a leg-crossing kind of name.
DJE:   Really. I admit that never occurred to me.  I thought.....
KR:   Why? No, seriously.  Seriously, Ben, why?
BM:   Well, I fell during the limbo we did earlier.  If you see that video, you'll understand. 
DJE:   So the Ripp Cockburn moment, huh?!
BM:   Yeah. It's.....
KR:   So when you're there, is it fun to play, like a filthy rich man?
DJE:   The clothes are nice.........yeah, yeah.
KR:   Do you get to borrow them?
DJE:  Not yet, but I'll be working on that, yeah.
BM:   Is the role a departure from what you're used to playing, and the roles you're traditionally offered?
DJE:   Well you know, they love---the industry loves to put you in a box, right? So then---and having played a Navy man for 10 years---so it was a little departure.....
BM:   "JAG"!
KR:   We love your show.  It's "GCB", and airs Sunday nights at 10 pm on ABC.
BM:   And CTV.
KR:  And CTV.   Thank you so much.   It's always so great to see you.  Thank you.
DJE:  Thank you.  It's always a pleasure to see you again.  Thank you!

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