Howie Mandel Show
May 18, 1999

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Please welcome David James Elliott! ... Welcome back!

David James Elliott: Thanks for having me.

HM: Wow! You were fighting in the fire there.

DJE: Did you see that?

HM: I did. You never fight fire with fire.

DJE: I'll remember that.

HM: Okay.

DJE: You look great! Your band is dynamite too.

HM: Thank you. ... Don't you get hurt doing things like that?

DJE: I tell you, all the dangerous stuff - my stunt man did. His hair was burnt and everything. I was watching from the sideline.

HM: Really. So you weren't actually in that scene?

DJE: I was in it at the end, but, you know, for the close-ups.

HM: Just the close-ups of your face. So you weren't ...

DJE: Yeah, exactly! There was fire in there ...

HM: Now do you do any dangerous things? Even when you were training for doing this show? Did you ever go up in a plane?

DJE: I went up with the Blue Angels. I guess that was dangerous. You know, the weird thing for me - ignorance is bliss - 'cause I just think that those guys are so totally ...

HM: I think that everybody knows who they are, but they are ...

DJE: They're the elite - the Navy's elite pilots.

HM: But they do air shows ...

DJE: And they do air shows. They fly ... like ... I think their wings are a foot apart. They fly in formation ...

HM: Right!

DJE: It's really dangerous flying that they do. And if you're a celebrity, you could go up with them.

HM: I can?

DJE: You could.

HM: I don't like flying.

DJE: Okay. I'm not wild about it either. But for some reason, I think that they are such experts, I was in no fear at all. I went up in another plane with somebody that I wasn't so sure of, in a little fighter jet, and I was petrified.

HM: Somebody you didn't know in a fighter jet...

DJE: Well ...

HM: Bob's fighter jet!

DJE: Pretty close! It was Air Combat USA. You go up in these little Marchetti jet-fighters ...

HM: Oh and you could have a fight ...

DJE: ... and you shoot. Your friend goes up in one. You go up in one. They take off and land. And you fly the plane, right?

HM: Right!

DJE: And you go out over the ocean and shoot lasers at each other. If you hit, smoke comes out of the back of the plane. I was petrified. And they were filming it! It was for TV Guide. The guy was doing an article. I was fighting him. And I'm thinking ... I go to my pilot, "Is it normal to be totally petrified right now?". 'Cause I'm in such a panic I can't even believe it. He kind of said, "No, not really."

HM: That'll put you at ease.

DJE: And it was being filmed.

HM: Oh look! I hit him and smoke's coming out of the plane!

DJE: Oh my God! ... I had a similar experience. I went to the Bahamas ... I go to the Bahamas a lot.

HM: You also live ... Canada and the Bahamas ...

DJE: Yeah. My father was a Bahamian and he moved to Canada. I have a house there now.

HM: Yeah.

DJE: I go there a lot. I like to fish and things like that. And I have a lot of cousins there, who live on this little island. They're like ... indigenous ... well, they're not indigenous ...

HM: Bahamian fishermen! You have a Bahamian fisherman family!

DJE: Thank you. Thank you for helping me. ... Anyway, when I go out fishing with them, I'm not afraid. If I go out alone, I'm petrified.

HM: Because fishing is one of the scariest sports there is. If you were in a horrible trout attack ... Why would you be scared of a fish?

DJE: Because we go spear-fishing. We dive into the reefs with a spear and a sling and you hunt the fish and then you shoot ...

HM: Oh, under water.

DJE: Under water. So there's sharks and things.

HM: Have you ever been attacked?

DJE: Yeah. I've been charged by a shark. I hit this fish and I was going after it. Something came and brushed past me and sort of knocked me. Frankly, I thought it was one of my cousins. But it was this bull shark ... and luckily the fish had shook the spear ...

HM: A bull shark?

DJE: Yeah. It was about six-foot ... big wide head. Kind of nasty ...

HM: Then they just rushed ... they charged you ...

DJE: He was going after the fish.

HM: You shouldn't fish with a red cape!

DJE: Bad idea! ... He was going after the fish and the fish shook the spear. I swam back up and he was really excited and then he came back at me. And I was with my two cousins. For some reason, I really wasn't that afraid. But if I had been alone ...

HM: Why would you not be fearful? So what happened?

DJE: These two guys are like, "Don't worry about that, man! We'll take care of it!" And then they'll swim after it, shoot their spears at it ...

HM: The fact that they could talk that clearly under water should put you at ease.

DJE: Exactly!

HM: So it came around ...

DJE: And then two more showed up. We were fishing this area for a while and there was some blood in the water. They were getting themselves worked up. So we decided we were going to leave at that point.

HM: Right. You were in the water for a while and it was filled with blood ...

DJE: 'Cause we'd been fishing in this one area for a while.

HM: Oh, because when you hit them with spears ...

DJE: ... they bleed.

HM: Okay. ... But you spend much time in the mari ... in the ... ah ...

DJE: In the Bahamas?

HM: In the Bahamas. Thank you. I was trying to say 'the marine life' ...

DJE: Yeah, I do. I like to go every year. I'd go more if I had the time.

HM: Now your wife ...

DJE: This chair is kind of ... I'm almost lying down ....

HM: You know what, people have said that before. So I find that if I recline, it makes you feel like ... So your wife is also from Toronto?

DJE: Yes.

HM: So why did I read someplace that you're getting ...

DJE: No! My wife's not from Toronto.... I'm getting married ...

HM: She's from Thunder ...

DJE: She's from Thunder Bay. She's from Ontario.

HM: She's actually here. Beautiful lady, with her Mom.

[The camera pans to show Nanci sitting there with her mother.]

DJE: With my mother-in-law.

HM: Your mother-in-law looks very excited to be here. [jokingly] ... Settle down, ma'am! ... Now I read you're getting married again?

DJE: 'Cause we never had a wedding. This is an interesting thing and she had suggested this, that we get divorced ...

HM: Who suggested that?

DJE: My wife.

HM: Your wife?

DJE: Not thinking very clearly ... You see, we were just ... there was not going to be any pre-nuptial ... or there might have been a pre-nuptial ... because when we got married, we were totally poor and destitute. But now, with the show so successful, if we got divorced now ...

HM: Yes.

DJE: ... I could demand a pre-nuptial.

HM: Oh, so this was her suggestion!

DJE: See, I couldn't believe it. So we're not getting divorced.

HM: You're not getting divorced.

DJE: No. But it was an idea she had. She thought we would get divorced just so when we got remarried and we had the wedding ...

HM: It's so romantic. Making up is a wonderful thing ...

DJE: Thank you. But we never had a wedding. Anyways, so we're having a big wedding. And you're invited!

HM: I am, really?

DJE: Yeah.

HM: I would love to.

DJE: Would you?

HM: I would love to. Is it in town?

DJE: It's in Santa Barbara.

HM: I'm there!

DJE: Beautiful!

HM: You're really inviting me?

DJE: Yeah!

HM: See you at the wedding! [waving to Nanci and her Mom]

DJE: We hang ... I mean, we went to the fight together ...

HM: Yeah, we were at the Tyson fight. We hung!

DJE: We hung out!

HM: You and me are buds!

DJE: You went alone, right?

HM: Uh, yeah ...

DJE: No, you don't want to say that. Is that embarrassing?

HM: No, my wife is ... no, no. I'm very happily married.

DJE: I know that. I meant, you didn't go with a friend or anything.

HM: I was there with a friend.

DJE: Oh ...

HM: But my wife hates fights ...

DJE: My wife is like a maniac ...

HM: I know. We talked to her there. She likes it. She's the one who suggested the divorce! She must love fights!

DJE: She does that!

HM: Well, you're always welcome back. You're going to hang out with us?

DJE: Oh, I don't know if I can. I think ... I have a meeting.

HM: [looking offstage] Does he have a meeting? ... You gotta go.

DJE: I gotta go! ... She has my schedule ...

HM: There's a woman there with a schedule ...

DJE: She's Robin. Yeah, she keeps things ...

HM: He's gotta go. Robin says he's got to go. David James Elliott would love to stay. Robin says he has to go. But if it was up to him, he would stay. Ladies and gentlemen, David James Elliott! JAG! CBS Tuesdays!


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