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TV Guide
Hollywood 411
on the set of Scoundrels

June 23, 2010

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DJE:    David James Elliott
 VM:     Virginia Madsen

Host:    Well, another new show this summer has Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen, teaming up with "JAG" star David James Elliott, on "Scoundrels", debuting on ABC this Sunday.  Right now, only we can take you where Virginia and David are face to face, trying to solve their family's crime-riddled crisis, and learn their lines.

(Background Shooting Instructions -- And Action)

VM:    Any time any of us tries to spread our wings.....

DJE:    (Grabs script)  Oh yeah?!

VM:    (Hits the table) Yeah!

Host:    Making TV.  Not as easy as you think.  On the set of "Scoundrels" where Virginia and David play an unusual Mom and Dad.

DJE:    It's about a family of criminals.

VM:    My husband, who's kind of been running the show, is about to be dethroned because he's sentenced to prison.

DJE:    We're not bad people.  We smell funny, but we mean well (jokingly).

(Clip):    Cheryl/We do not invade people's homes, at least not when they're in them.

VM:    And I decide that it's time for this family to go legit.

(Clip):    Wolf/You either go where the money is, or you get out.  Cheryl/It's a miracle I still love you.

Host:    "Scoundrels" is their first time working together.  The chemistry was immediate.

DJE:    She was nominated for an Academy Award.  She's a tremendously talented actress, and a wonderful person.

Host:    Well, maybe a little more immediate for her.

VM:    The moment he walked in the door, I was like this (looks up toward ceiling, smiles, and sighs) (Laughs!)

DJE:    I love her.  I think she's great. 

VM:    Did I blush?  I just blushed.

Host:    The show also stars ex-"24" butt kicker, Carlos Bernard.  Virginia says the guys each bring a different style of sexy.

VM:    You know, David's energy is very big and broad, and Carlos' is very quiet and subtle and sensual.  So, I'm quite happy.  (Laughs!)  It's so twilight, you guys!

DJE:    Sunday night, June 20th, on ABC.