Hallmark Channel
on the set of
Dad's Home
June 2010

On Location

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DJE on filming

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On Location:
DAVID:    Ben Westman is a guy in the throes of life, taking care of his family--just a typical American.  And suddenly the rug is pulled out from under him, you know.  His wife dies, he's left with two kids, and then he loses his job.

(Clip):   Boss:  We're going to have to let you go, Ben.
               Ben:  You're serious?!
               Boss:  We've lost three of our major accounts this year.

DAVID:    I don't think that that's the biggest issue here.  The biggest issue here is we're all pretty wounded, and we just kind of lost our way.  It's about the family finding themselves.

MADISON:    I thought that it was a really--it was very heart-wrenching.  It's just kind of a--it's a good story, and I think that it'll be a good movie.

DAVID:    It's a story of awakening.

(Clip):    Doctor:  Lindsay is coming of age, and I think she needs a bra.

WILL:    My Dad, he's not really, you know, not really ready to be Mr. Mom yet.

SHARON:    He's doing something goofy, of course.  He's coming down the wrong way on the street.

(Clip):    Lindsay:  Dad, I'm not going to live this down until high school!

SHARON:    She ends up meeting him because he's one of her student's father.  The kids--the kids are great.  They constantly are talking and talking, and have a lot of things to say when we're not shooting.  They're really grown up.  You meet them, and they look like they're 8, but talk like they're much older than that.

MADISON:    Will is hilarious, and he's very professional.  He's kind of like a little grown-up man.

(Clip):    Dylan:  Dad, you almost hit me!

SHARON:    (Food Fight)  Well, there's a lot of goofy stuff in all the scenes.  In Hope and Ben's scenes, they have a lot of goofing around, but there's some really funny stuff with the kids.

DAVID:    These are two people who are very attracted to each other.

(Clip):   Ben:  So why don't I buy you dinner sometime?
              Hope:  Well!  Thought you'd never ask.

SHARON:    She is instantly attracted to him, because of his goofy mistake. 

(Clip):    Ben:  So how could somebody as beautiful as you are, Hope, be available?  There's something wrong.

DAVID:    Life is not about all the external stuff.  It's about, you know, what's in here (hand over heart), and it's about being close to one another.

(Clip):   Lindsay:  Do you still love Mom?
               Ben:  Buddy, I will always love Mom.
               Lindsay:  But you like Miss Jensen, right?
               Ben:  Lindsay, your Mother was the love of my life, and no one will every change that, okay?
               Lindsay:  I know.  But don't you want to love again?

SHARON:    My parents really like to watch my work.  So I'm glad that I'm doing something that they can tune in and watch and really enjoy.

MADISON:    It'll be a good movie that I can, like, send to my Grandmas and stuff and all my family, and let them be, like, 'Look! I'm not a crazy girl anymore'.

DAVID:    My little buddy, who's 6, likes to see his Dad on TV, so it's nice to be in something that they can partake in.

DJE on filming:
 My children are struggling to deal with the loss of their Mom.  We're trying to find our new roles.  Everything changed.  They're dealing with their fear.  I deal with my loss.  We're struggling to come together as a family again.  Now it's a difficult economy, you know, but I don't think that that's the biggest issue here.  The biggest issue here is we're all pretty wounded, and we just kind of lost our way.  But it's about the family finding themselves, you know.

Ben's had a pretty privileged life.  He was a Vice-President of a really big company.  He hadn't done his own laundry before.  He didn't understand about doing laundry, making meals--all that stuff was done for him.  So we're figuring it out.

Well, Madison and Will are both really--I've worked with a lot of kids in my career, and these two have been some of the best.  Really available, they're smart, they have great intuition.  You know, they get it.  They're good little actors.  They have a real understanding of how to get out of their own way, and let it happen--be in the moment.  And not a lot of kids can really pull that off, so they're pretty special that way.  I enjoy being with them.  They're fun, they're nice, they're easy to be around.  So we're having fun.  And since it's mostly--well, we're two weeks into the picture, and it's just been really the three of us in everything.  So, thank goodness (!) that they're easy to be with.

Nice quote from Madison:  David is very professional.  And  I like it, because he does kind of act like my Dad.  And whenever we're in those scenes where it gets kind of, like, emotional, it helps--we both kind of get there and get into the feeling.