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Good Day Live

November 15, 2004



Steve: Opens the show with a clip from Just In From Baghdad and says hello to DJE.

DJE: Good morning!

Steve: What time do you have to get up and get in?

DJE: This morning was a little more reasonable.  8:00 call. Last Monday was 6 AM -- outside.  It was nasty, cold and was 6:00 AM on a MONDAY!

Steve: You don't need much makeup.  How much time do you spend doing that?
DJE: Yeah, ugh -- Thanks Steve, you know, half an hour. 



Arthel: You don't need makeup for a half hour.

DJE: You gotta do your hair.  You like to hang out in there just to get your mind right before you come in here to get the day started to this.  (Points to crew) Awfully quiet right now.

DJE: Last time you were here Brad May was directing and here he is again.  You would think he was the only director.

Steve: Isn't he the only director?
DJE: He is the one we love the most.  He's our best director!


Debbie: What does J.A.G. mean?
DJE: What does it mean?  J.A.G. Judge Advocate General -- we're the lawyer corps of the military.  Let me introduce you to my other cast members CB and PL.  The reason I wanted to be on camera with Patrick is because a lot of people think I play both parts -- because we're never on the screen at the same time. (this was some inside joke) PL and CB laugh.


Steve: Show us around a little, now what else do you have here?
DJE: We're in JAG ops right now and we're waiting to make a shot.  Here in the Admiral's office the new Admiral -- David Andrews plays a marine general who is "The JAG."  He's not here.  There are some impostors siting in these chairs now.  That's Dave Rasmussin (points to the man in the chair behind desk) not David Andrews but we insisted on at least having a "David" in that chair. ( a lot of laughs)
Steve: So are we actually interrupting a shot here?
DJE: Yeah, you interrupted but we don't mind.
Steve: Do you know your lines?
DJE: I don't!  (holding up script pages to the camera) Here are the lines here.  This is how we know them.
Steve: Let's hear a little rehearsal -- go ahead.
DJE: You want to see a rehearsal?  We could do a rehearsal.  Bud will play David.  Nobody wanted to rehearse.  The producers are lovin you.
Patrick as Bud as Gen. Cresswell: The Greeks had Achilles (Patrick mispronounces the name) The Trojans had Hector and we have Captain Jack Ramsey.  Ever heard of him?
Bradford May and DJE correct Patrick on the pronunciation of Achilles:
DJE:  This is why Patrick doesn't play the Admiral.  (everyone laughs)
DJE as Harm: And as you suggest General -- a myth!

Patrick continuning as Gen. Cresswell:  (To Harm) Do you think so? 

DJE:  I'm not sure if I think so but it says it right here (taps the script) A lot more laughter
Debbie: How do you keep it fresh?  This is the tenth season.
DJE: Yeah, ten years we've been on the air but we're sticklers for perfection.
Patrick: We're pretty good friends and I think that helps out a lot.
Arthel: How do you keep coming up with fresh storylines?
DJE: WE don't have to.  Otherwise the storylines might be a little stale.  No, No, they aren't stale (the storylines) but if WE had to write them they might be stale.  We're ripped from the headlines so we don't have to reach far. 



Steve: Guys, I hope we helped you with your rehearsal.  You helped us with our show.
DJE: Yes, thank you Steve, Debbie and Arthel.  Thank you for coming to the set.

(And a special Thank you to Kathy for typing up the transcript of the interview so I could get these screen caps out to you tonight    AN: The interview was 90% with DJE,  however when he introduced CB and PL there was a conversation with CB about how she came to the show.  There were also a few other comments here and there by others but we didn't feel the need to detail all of those.)