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David James Elliott on
Good Day LA
Apr 24, 2012

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DJE:   David James Elliott    SE:   Steve Edwards, Host    DL:  Dorothy Lucey, Host

SE:   David James Elliott plays Ripp, and Kristen Chenoweth plays his wife.....
DL:   Make sure she's a chick (referencing previous remark before start of video)
SE:   .....Carlene, on "GCB" (Clip)  (To David coming on set) So if you were 5'11", would you have gotten this job?
DJE:   No!
(Jillian Reynolds, Host, Off Set):  (To David) I'd like to pick you up like that.
DJE:   (Laughs!)
DL:   (To Steve) You did that to Kristin when she came in.  You picked her up and carried her.
SE:   I did, I did, I did.  I'm taller than 4'11".
DL:   (To David)  Nice to see you.
DJE:   Nice to see you, too.
SE:   How are you, David?
DJE:   I'm good.  Thanks for having me again.
DL:   You know, uh.....
SE:   Have a seat right here.
DL:   .....Kristin is one of our favorite people on the planet.  So whatever you have to say, do you want to change our opinion on that?  Or.....
DJE:   No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.....
DL:   OK,  alright.
SE:   She's nasty.....
DJE:   Oh yeah, difficult to work with.....
DL:   .....diva.....
SE:   .....insensitive.....
DJE:   You know, little people are like that.
SE:   I know that.  I know the song.  I have the record.
DJE:   (Laughs!)
DL:   Would you say that to her face? I think he (Steve) would.
SE:   Now, is she as much fun to work with, as she is when she comes here?
DJE:   She's a real pro, you know.  She's the hardest working woman in show business, I think.  I mean, she never stops.  She's not only doing that and.....
DL:   Does she break out in song?
DJE:   Oh yeah, constantly. yeah, right.  
SE:   Now is there a thing in your lifetime contract in the business, that you can only work on shows with letters for the name?
DJE:   Yeah, right.  They're all acronyns, aren't they.
SE:   J-A-G "JAG", G-C-B.....what is that?
DJE:   I hadn't seen that.  Thank you.
SE:   .....what is that?,,,,,OK. (Laughs)
DJE:   (Laughs) I don't know!  At least I'm workin'. That's all I care about, you know.
SE:   Well at least while you were doing "JAG"---that show, you did that for a decade.
DJE:   10 years, yeah.
SE:   10 years.  And I used to say it was one of those shows where the ratings were enormous, people weren't bubbling over about it.  I could never figure.....
DJE:   It wasn't a Hollywood darling for some reason. 
SE:   It was an American hit.....
DJE:   But they loved it in America, they loved it---people loved it.
DL:   Isn't that kind of nice, though?  You still get the same fame and paycheck, and you don't have to deal with tabloids.
DJE:   I like it.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.  and that---I look at what some people have to go through to earn a living---it's just horrible---oh my god.
SE:  Yeah, yeah.  So you're.....
DJE:   I never had that.  I'm the guy that---"You're the guy"---"What guy are you?"---"That guy....."
SE:   "Didn't you used to play basketball with me?"
DJE:   Yeah, I get that a lot.
SE:   Yeah, exactly.  "I know you"  Then you say, "I'm David James Elliott"  And they say "No you're not---you're the guy who....."
DJE:   Oh yeah.  Or they go, "Mmmmmm, I don't know that show, no, no...."
DL:   They know you if you take your shirt off (David laughs).  Because I googled you today to do a little research, and I didn't google you shirtless, I just googled your name.  And what came up!
DJE:  A lot of shirts off---a lot of the shirts coming off a lot. Steve, you (have to) take your shirt off a lot?
SE:   That's how I got the job.
DL:   But he hasn't taken it off since. (David laughs)
SE:   You have notes for what here?
DJE:   I got notes, 'cause I wanna talk to you about A Better LA's event on (he says March) May 3rd called In The Art Of The City.
SE:  OK. 
DJE:   Do you know what A Better LA is?  It was Pete Carroll who started a.....
SE:  Oh I remember that.
DJE:   .....this is a foundation---a charity---
SE:   Then he went to Seattle, it was better in Seattle.
DJE:   He's got A Better Seattle, too.  But he's really still passionate about this,  and he lives in L.A.  This is his home. (SE:  Uh-huh) I spent yesterday all day in Watts, talking to interventionists that are employed by A Better LA.  And what they do is, they stem gang violence. They intervene. They're constantly---they're ex-gang members---guys who have had an epiphany---and they are constantly
keeping---there's a cease fire at the moment, you know.  When the last cease fire broke, 17 people died in 3 days.  There's been over 15,000 deaths from gang violence in Los Angeles (!).....
SE: Los Angeles,  And it used to be one of the most under covered things going on in L.A.
DJE:   And they still kind of feel that way.  It's really......
SE:    But it's not as bad now.
DJE:   No, it's working.  The cease fire is working.  And it's working because of organizations like Pete Carroll's.  They also---they fund a lot of grass roots things there.  One of them is a thing called Safe Passage.  Because they discovered the children in the inner city, in the troubled areas of the inner city, had (PTS) rates as high as children in Afghanistan and Iraq.
SE:   Post-traumatic stress.
DJE:   Yeah.  So they go to school.  They can't learn, 'cause all they're worried about is how I'm going to get home without being confronted, or hurt, shot, killed.  Everybody---I heard somebody say yesterday at a council meeting, that there's
not one person living in Watts, that has not lost a loved one to gang violence. 
DL:   Oh my god.
DJE:   I mean, I spoke to people who had lost 2 children.  One woman yesterday we spent time with, lost 2 of her boys in 52 days.
DL:   Oh god.
DJE:   I mean, you know.  And they're still--they still believe in their community, and they're working their butts off.....
DL:   And these kids get escorted home from school?
DJE:   They get escorted---well, they provide a safe area.  They have guys that--- they call it a no-fire zone, right?  And so they put security out so the children can walk to and from school.  And the really troubled kids, they will actually pick them up and take them home.  And you know, this stuff works.  So it's really---And before I forget, I just want to say.....
SE:   Sure, sure.
DJE:   .....March (May) 3rd, if you go to, tickets are on sale.  It's a celebration of the culture of L.A.   We have local artists like, some really high-end artists.....
SE:   Uh, May 3rd---let me correct you, May 3rd, May 3rd. I think you said
March---May 3rd, yeah.
DJE:    Oh---thank you, May 3rd.  So anyway, there's an After Party.  Tickets are $80, and $40 for students, but the alcohol is free.  And there's 5 hot DJ's.  And who do we got, DJ Adam 12, DJ Rashida, Sharon Stone is running the auction.....
DL:   Ah, (to Steve) one of your girlfriends.
DJE:   .....Cheech Marin is our host. we have Andy Vargas from Santana, and the Inner City Choir is going to be there.
DL:   Regina King.....
SE:   Let me get this. Are you sure Regina King is going to be there?
DJE:   No---Rashida.
SE:  (To DL)  Did you make that up?
DJE:   DJ Rashida.
SE:   OK see, see?
DL:   Oh, now you can't go.
DJE:   She could be there if you'll come! 
SE:   Well, I'll tell you something.  You got Sharon Stone doing an auction.  That is worth the price of admission when she does an auction.  Did you ever see her do it---an auction?  Oh.....!
DJE:   No, I can't wait.
DL:   She gets very friendly.  You spend a little money, she'll come sit in your lap.
DJE:   Oh wow, perfect.
SE:   Yeah, yeah.  You'll be there.  Yeah, yeah, you'll see, you'll see.
SE:   Ok.  A little bit about the show.
DJE:   Alright, the show.  10 o'clock Sunday nights on ABC.
SE:   Oh good.  You looked at me like you didn't know what show I was talking about.
DJE:   Yeah, well you caught me off guard!
DL:   Does Kristin Chenoweth demand that you take your shirt off?
DJE:   All the guys take their shirts off.  And they didn't.....
DL:   You're not alone.
DJE:   I'm not alone, thank God.
DL:   Hey, hey, Regina King, right next to your name on the invite. 
DJE:   Okay, on the.....  Okay, Regina King is there!   Good catch.
DL:   Steve can go.
DJE:   Alright.  Can you be there now, Steve?
SE:   David Smith, thank you for being with us.
DJE:   That's right, Tim Leiweke's on that list, too, Bob Hoff, Forest Whitaker is the host.  Thank you, guys  Thanks for taking the time.  Thanks for having me again.  I'm shirtless at the event, if you'll come.
DL:   Oh good.  Sharon Stone will auction that off.  She'll auction that all off .....  (points to David standing).
DJE:   Oh god.
SE:   On  It's all there.  Thank you so much.