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Good Day LA
April 11, 2011

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DJE:    David James Elliott
CCB:    Candace Cameron Bure
Hosts:    Jillian Reynolds (J), Lauren Sanchez (L), Tony McEwing (T)

T:    Pleasure to meet you!  (To DJE)  I didn't realize you're so tall.
DJE:  Sorry 
T: I used to watch JAG all the time.
DJE:   I was much shorter on JAG.
T:    Oh, okay, well there you go.
CCB:    And I was much taller on Full House.  (Tony laughs)

Group Hello's  J:  And Candace is so tiny!  J to DJE:  Haven't seen you in a long time.  T:  Candace, sit right here.  David, you're right here.  DJE:  Thank you.

DJE:  (Looking at pics on desk):    I thought that was you on there.
L:    Yeah, I wish!  Rita Pinto---isn't she---oh!  This is what we do, like at during the breaks, is we read magazines.   
J:    During the breaks?! 
L:  Well, yeah, that's true 
J:  Speak for yourself.  I do it on the show!  But now that you're here, I'll put my magazine down. (DJE:  Thanks)  So you guys---had you met before or no?
DJE:  No. 
T:  Really? 
DJE: No.

J:    And did they just cast you both, or did you have to go through the audition process still?
DJE/CCB:    No, they just cast us, yeah. 
  Oh, nice

L:    (To CCB)  You have it like that now, see---that's good!  (To DJE)  And okay, so you play the marriage counselor?
CCB:  I play the marriage counselor. 
She plays the marriage counselor.
L to CCB:   And you've never been married.  That's not---you can't do that
CCB:  I know.   That's the whole point---I can't do that.  That's why I ask him to pretend to be my husband.
DJE:  I'm the expert on marriage.

J:   Oh wait, let me guess, ah ha, ahhh!  (Gestures with fingers a 'hook up') 
DJE: That would be telling, yeah. 
T:   Oh! 
  They totally fall for each other. 
T:  Come on! 
DJE:  Come on 
  A little bit?  Anything? 
  Chemistry? Yes, of course that's exactly what it is.
DJE:    (To CCB teasing)  There was some, well, you know, hopefully a little chemistry, wasn't there?
CCB:    Yeah, you have to have chemistry to make it work in a movie.
DJE:    (To CCB)  You've seen the film.  I've never seen it.  (To Hosts)  She's seen it, yeah. 
CCB:  It's very cute.

L to CCB:    Okay, so you're married, right?
CCB:    No, I'm not married
L:  In the movie 
CCB: Oh, in real life. 
Yes, I'm married.  I've been married for almost 15...... 
  I'm so confused! 
CCB: I'm confused, too.  What are we talking about?   Laughs

J:    You married the hockey player man.
CCB:   Yes, I've been married 15 years in June. 
J:    What?!  (CCB:  Yeah!)  What, did you get married when you were 10?! 
T:    Congratulations!
CCB:    Thank you.
DJE:   Oh, yes, wow
T:   Come on, that doesn't happen much in Hollywood 
CCB:  Yes, I was 10 years old when I got married, and I have a 12-year-old. 
J:   What?!
T: You go! 
CCB:  I have a 12, 11 and 9-year-old. 
L:   What?! 
CCB:   Yeah.  So it's kind of weird how I had kids when I was......
J:    Do people freak out when they hear that, that you have 3 kids, and you're this, like young and gorgeous and......
CCB:    Sometimes they think I'm the babysitter when I'm with my kids  (J:  How cute)  But I'll take it---I'll take it!

T:    Okay, so this is a huge departure from Full House and JAG, and what has that been like?  (Picture of DJE and CB as Harm and Mac on screen).
DJE:    It was fun, it was a fun movie.
CCB:    We had a great time.
DJE:    Cold ---really cold. 
CCB:    It was freezing.
J:    Where did you film?  In Canada or something?
DJE:    Santa Fe.  Yeah, it was even colder than Canada.
L:    Oh, I love Santa Fe!  When?  In November, like December?
DJE/CCB:    In January.

J:    Look at---oh my gosh.  When you look back, look at this picture (Picture of Full House cast on screen).
DJE:     Look at her---she's a child.  Look at that---oh my God.
L:    She still looks like a child.
CCB:    I love that photo.  It's so cute. 
DJE:  Very nice

J:    You were in this great show, and your brother, of course, was in Growing Pains.  (CCB:  Growing Pains, yeah)  Yeah, a great show, great.  (CCB:  Thanks!)  Yeah, you guys had huge success.  (To DJE)  And you had a little success on your own there in a show.
DJE:    Oh yeah, just a little bit.  I was much older when I got my success (DJE laughs).

J:    No one thought you were the babysitter?
DJE:    No one's ever mistaken me for the babysitter, or asked me to babysit.
L:    Oh, if you're---Look, I'll have you as my babysitter.  (Laughter) 
J:  Has she mentioned she's got 3 kids and I've got 2?  So we're throwing that out there. 
DJE:  Okay, alright, wow
L:  We could use a male babysitter.  I love that---the manny, right?
DJE:  ____ job. 

L:    Okay, no, no, no---do you like not being on the show?   Like, you know, JAG---you know, just constantly on? 
DJE:  Do I like not---yeah...... 
L:   Like, you know, 'cause that's a grueling schedule.  (J:  Yeah)
DJE:    Yes.  It's not quite as bad as yours.  They told me you start at 3 AM.  (CCB:  I know, 3 AM)
J:    Who says that? 
T:  No, they don't get up at 3 AM.  I get up at 2. 
DJE:  2!! 
CCB:  Wow 
J:  Everyday---middle of the night---18 years.
DJE:    So you're not married to anyone.  Who would marry you?
T:    No.  How would you know that? (DJE laughs) How would you guess?  Yeah, exactly. 
J:  It's true.  It's like you were like a vampire, his hours. 
DJE:  Yeah, horrible!)

L:   (To DJE)  But you were working like 14 hour days when you were doing JAG.
DJE:   Yeah, but we never---yeah, but normally we would start about 7.  It was somewhat civilized. 
J:  So how different......) 
DJE:  We'd work till 3 AM, but......
J:    On the series.  Now, doing a movie, how different is it?  Do you have "Mom" hours kind of thing or not really?

CCB:    We actually had one minor on the show.  She was 14.  So we had to keep the "Kid" hours
L:  That's great when you have a minor on the show
CCB: which was awesome for us.
DJE:    Not always great.  Sometimes it's shoot the minor out---we'll get to you at the end.
CCB:    Well, yeah, sometimes.  But I'll take it.
J:    We'll see you later.
DJE:    Yeah, right, yeah.
L:    Right.
CCB:    'Cause we have long hours on the show "Make It Or Break It" that I'm on now, those 14 hour days.  So it was nice to keep it at 10 or 11.
DJE:    Right.

L:    Okay, I know, but how do you do that with 3 kids?  That's a lot---I mean, those hours are long.
J:    Good help.
CCB:    No, my husband and I just kinda do it.  So since my husband retired from hockey, he's home with the kids when I'm working, and then vice versa.  And we just kinda make it work.
J:    Oh, that's perfect.  So do your kids......
DJE:    Poor guy.  (CCB and DJE laugh!)
J:    I know it.  That's the hardest job there is for a man to be at home with the kids. 
DJE:    Oh yeah.  We're not......
L:    Or a woman.
J:    But especially for a man.  I think it's harder.  I do.
DJE:    Especially for guys---I don't know---society gears you towards the......
L:    We're built differently.
DJE:    You're built differently, yeah.

J:    (To CCB)  Your kids---If your daughter came to you and said, I want to be an actress or something, what would......  'Cause you were acting at that age.
CCB:    Yeah, I was acting since I was 5.  But my daughter does do some acting.  She's done some commercials, and she's even in the season finale of "Make It Or Break It". 
J:    She is?
T:    So you're very supportive of that.
CCB:    Yes I am.  I would support my kids whatever they want to do.
T:    'Cause a lot of actors and actresses don't want their kids to go into that.

DJE:    Yeah, I didn't want mine.
CCB:    I had a great experience.
T:    (To DJE) Now see?  Now why?  Why did you not?
DJE:    I just...... Well, you (To CCB) had a great experience.  I've always, from where I'm sitting---it looks like they're robbed of their childhood really......
J:    Yeah.
DJE:    ......they're working.  I just wanted my kids to be kids.
J:    Yeah.
L:    Did any of yours want to be actors?
DJE:    They always do when they see it.  Especially when they see other kids if you're on a set. 
T:    Sure.  Especially if they see Daddy doing it.
DJE:    And they go, 'Oh yeah!  I wanna be..., or at school they know somebody, they're all everyone talks about.
L:    So how did you encourage them to......
DJE:    I just said, when you finish high school, if that's something that you still want to do, then we can take a look at it.  But it's not an option now.

J:    It's so hard, you know, when you look at shows like iCarly or Victoria Justice, there's these young girls, and they're already---like I'm thinking, oh they're probably 18, but you know they're like 15, like whoa!
CCB:    Right, right.
DJE:    Yeah.
L:    No, they---they groom them over at Disney.
J:    And they groom them, yeah.

T:    (To CCB)  So you had this childhood acting career, and how did you end up so normal?  Or are you? 
CCB:   No I'm not!
T:    Am I being presumptuous? (Laughs)
CCB:    (To DJE Laughing)  Ask David. He would know. 
DJE:    Now let me tell you something!  (Laughter)
CCB:    Tell your story.

DJE:    No, she's one of the lucky ones.  You know, your parents......
CCB:    I had great parents. 
DJE:    Yeah, you had great parents.
CCB:    I had great parents......
L:    That's the key.
CCB:    ......that kept us grounded, and it was always fun, and.......
J:    Obviously, because Kirt is the same way.  He got married, has lots of kids, and just keeps it separate. 
CCB:    Yes.
J:    I guess you have to do that.
CCB:    Yeah, we do.  It was always just kind of a job that......
DJE:    (To CCB)  Were your parents like completely dedicated to your job, or did they have their own job, and you could do your thing?
CCB:    No, my Dad was a public middle school teacher for over 35 years.
J:    Oh my God.
CCB:    He's retired now, and my Mom just took......
DJE:    (To CCB)  But your Mom was your manager?
CCB:    Yeah.
DJE:    Right.
CCB:    And she took us on auditions.  And I have 2 sisters, and they were always involved in whatever we all did.
DJE:    Yeah.
J:    How normal and fabulous.
T:     And just because you were the little star, you didn't get away with everything you wanted to get away with?
CCB:    No.  I still had to take out the trash, and do my chores at home, and do all the normal stuff, so......
J:    Wow!  'Cause if I had 2 kids that were both on hit sitcoms at the time, I'd be like 'chachaching---Mommy's buying some new shoes'.  (DJE/CCB laugh)  I'll be at Barneys the next week.
L:    I think that's also the key.  I think the parents can't rely on it, if their kids are involved.  I mean, 'cause once their parents rely on it, then it's over.
DJE:    Yeah, then they tend to push it.

T:    (To DJE)  Then you had a different situation, because you were the star.  And then did your kids see you any differently, or were you just Dad?
L:    But just Dad.
DJE:    I mean, I'm sure I was just Dad to them, but they also dug, you know, if you went out, and they were gettin', you know, you were gettin' some perks......
J:    Some perks.
DJE:    Yeah, they certainly dug the perks.
L:    You cut the line, Disneyland......
DJE:    Yeah, Disneyland---you got all the groovy stuff.  Yeah, they still dig that, you know.   I'm still the go-to guy for tickets, or if they want to get in on anything.

L:    What was the best part about this movie---about shooting this movie?
DJE:    Riding horses.
CCB:    For me---riding horses, Jonathan Frakes actually was---he directed it.
DJE:    Jon Frakes, the---he directed it.
CCB:    He was on Star Trek.
L:    Yeah.
J:    Oh, cool!
CCB:    And he was so much fun.  Just loved him.  He just made it really happy.
DJE:    (To CCB)  I thought......
CCB:    (To DJE)  And YOU!  YOU were the best part of the whole movie! 
DJE:    (Laughs!)  Unbelievable.
L:    Thank you. I mean, It was a little late.  I was waiting for that.
DJE:    Wow!
CCB:    (Laughing!)  Gosh!  I'm so---it's the blonde hair!  I'm so sorry!
DJE:    Jon Frakes---Come on!

L:    It's such a cute concept.  I love--I love the concept.
J:    I do too.  It's really a cute concept.  Well, we can check out the movie.
CCB:    Thanks.
DJE:    Thank you.
T:    Candace, David, thank you so much for coming in!  We really appreciate it!  (Applause)
CCB:    This Saturday night, part of Family Movie Night.  So get your kids, watch it.
DJE:    Saturday April 16th  at 8, 7 Central Time.
J:    On what channel?
J:    FOX---Right here.  I've heard of them.
DJE:    FOX---Right here.
J:    I've heard of that channel.
T:    Okay, can't forget that!  Again thanks so much for being here!