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David James Elliott and Kristin Chenoweth on GCB

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Host: ...one of my favorite pilots of the season, it's just so much fun.  Talk a little bit how you came to be a part of the show.

DJE: I read the script, I liked the character, I certainly liked the character name, Ripp Cockburn.  I went and talked with Robert and Darren Starr and asked them what their plan for the character was and it sounded like it would be, you know, a great fun character to delve into for me and the cast was enormously talented...

Host: ...and you were sold at Ripp Cockburn...

DJE: ... and I was sold at Ripp Cockburn, pretty much, yeah...

KC:  I remember being in Nashville, I was recording, and I got the script, and I loved it, I was sorting waiting, I had this deal with FOX and I was waiting to see what was going to happen there.  This opportunity presented itself to me again and again.

Host: Was this role written for you?

KC:  Ya know, I don't think it was, I do believe I was one of the first he thought of.  He was like a dog with a bone, Kristin you've got to do this, you've got to do this, you've got to do this and I was so honored because of who he is. I was so excited to get to become available to do it.

Host: I heard their is a musical episode too...

DJE: Yes, a musical episode ...

KC: (Pointing at David)  He plays Jesus.

Host: That's what I heard...They call you a tall drink of Jesus ..

DJE:  A tall drink of Jesus...Wow

KC: Ahh...that's perfect!

Host: You guys have a slew of musical talent.

KC:  Ye, we do, we really do.

Host:  I have always said this is one of my favorite shows, and this is not an insult, but you don't have to think much when you are watching it, you are just entertained completely.

KC: Absolutely

Host: Are you hoping that is what fans take away rom the series?

KC:  Yeah, I mean, we are chocolate cake.

Host: That's perfect.

KC:  Yeah, that's what we are, we are dessert.

KC: This is just what it is...that's not to say it's easy, it's not easy, but it is certainly fun.