CTV Interview with David James Elliott on GCB
March 16, 2012

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David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott
David James Elliott David James Elliott

DJE talking the entire time

Robert Harling created the show, and he is such an enormous talent, just to be a part of anything he's touched, would be, you know a joy.

Robert Harling wrote.., Steel Magnolias was the first film he had ever written, which should tell you something, um Soap Dish, First Wives Club, he certainly has a handle on comedy.  This is his first foray into television, I believe, just a wonderful, a wonderfully talented, wonderful guy, really brings a great soul to the piece, it's a comedy with depth, these characters, he really brings them to life.

Mt character is married to Kristin Chenoweth's character, I play Ripp Cockburn, I am a Texas oil billionaire, um it's a funny um it's just so ... even the name, probably the greatest television name in the history of TV, Ripp Cockburn.

Kristin is such an enormous talent, um among the other cast members who are all equally talented and funny, I don't know, it is such a rich environment, and um, it is such a gas to be a part of... what can I tell ya?

I'm 6'5" and Kristin is 4'11" so ... big laughter ...  it'd difficult sometimes to be in the same frame, but the wide shots are definitely entertaining.

It could be worthy tuning in for, certainly, I don't think I have to say anything beyond that, you tune in and I betcha hang out for a while with these people.  They are entertaining, they are funny, they are warm and touching, they'll uh, they'll get under your skin, and you will want to take your boots off and sit a, sit a spell.