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Fox News Rising Hollywood Roundup
April 14, 2011

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For:  Fox News Rising Hollywood Roundup
        Charlotte, NC

DJE:  David James Elliott
CCB:  Candace Cameron Bure

Host:  Well, tomorrow night is a great night to stay in, curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, and check out Fox's movie special.  "Truth Be Told" stars Candace Cameron Bure and David James Elliott.  I actually had a chance to catch up with both of them this week, and talk about their characters.

CCB:  Well my character, Annie, is offered a job for her own radio show, except that her potential boss thinks that she's married, when she's not.  She doesn't want to lose the opportunity.  So she runs into this guy (points to David) and---who's widowed and has two children, and asks if he would pose as her husband and family for the week-end.  So it starts off with this little lie that kind of snowballs into a big huge mess, because you have to keep telling another lie to cover the previous one.  And then you got to watch the rest of the movie to find out what happens.

Host:  And it snowballs there.   Now when you got the call, David, about being a football player---playing a football player---I'm sure you kind of jumped at that one---'Oh I get to be macho in this as well'?

DJE:  (Joking) Wait, what are you implying, Tim, that normally I don't play the macho roles? (Candace laughs)

Host:  (Smiling) I'm not implying that you're not macho, but what, I mean, what person would be more appropriate for the role, is what I'm pointing out.

DJE:  I heard that Candace Cameron Bure was in the film, and that was what enticed me to become a part---to come in.
CCB:  Awww, you're so sweet.
DJE:  'Cause I just play an older for a guy, who no longer plays football, but, you know, I didn't even get to throw a football.  I got to yell from the football sidelines. 
Host:  You didn't even get to.....
CCB:  Yes you did.  We had a little football scene.
DJE:  Oh, good gosh, yes.
CCB:  He forgot the movie already.

DJE:   Okay, I forgot.  I forgot that scene.  But I did remember, however, the reason that they think we're married, is they make that assumption at a party that we're at, trying to raise money for our various.....
CCB:  Charities---yes.
DJE:  .....philanthropic, you know, ideals, and then we're mistakenly assumed to be married.  Now, to, you know, to get to the prize, we then have to, you know, mislead our deep-pocketed new friend.
CCB:  Yes.
DJE:  And, but for a purpose outside of ourselves.  It's not just personal gratification.  It's actually to do good.  So we step into the watery, the lying waters innocently and with a higher purpose.  However.....
CCB:  It' still a lie.
DJE:  It's still a lie, and it still threatens to take us down.  Is that enough?

Host:  You know.....
DJE:  (Joking) And I'm a macho guy in real life. (Candace laughs)
Host:  .....this is one of those pieces where I suspect chemistry is key, and you two obviously have chemistry.

DJE:  Thank you, we think---yeah.
CCB:  Thanks, yes.
DJE:  And you know what.....
CCB:  Yeah, we're having fun.
DJE:  You never know, you never know.....
CCB:  Yes.
DJE:  .....who you're going to, you know---'cause I've certainly done things where there were no.....
CCB:  'Cause I heard stores about him, you know (laughs and pokes David).
DJE:  Yeah, right, that's---  My reputation precedes me.  Otherwise, I'd always be late.