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Fox 24 News Edge
April 14, 2011

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DJE:  David James Elliott
MT:   Matt Turner

MT:  What a treat!  We have David James Elliott in the building with us for Fox Family Movie Night, and we're going to talk all about the movie coming up.  First, though, I want to talk about some of the things that people have seen you in, most notably "JAG".  Talk about that show---very successful, and you were one of the main characters.

DJE:  Yeah, I was the main character I think.

MT:  You were the guy.  You were the guy.

DJE:  It went for ten years.  It was a great show to be part of, you know.  And it shown a positive light on our guys in uniform.  And, you know, it was---I enjoyed it.  It was a great cast, and we had a good time.

MT:  A good run.  And that's not the only thing that you've been in that I recognize you from. 
DJE:  Mm-hmm.
MT:  Kind of talk about some of the other, maybe smaller parts---
DJE:  Phew!
MT:  ---that you probably get mentioned for those quite a bit.

DJE:  You know, I've been on---good God---I was on a lot---so many things.
MT:  "Seinfeld". 
DJE:  I started out in the theater.  I did---I did an episode of "Seinfeld".  I was on "Melrose Place" for a five-show arc once.  I was on "Knots Landing".  I was on a television show called "The Untouchables".  It was shot in Chicago two years.   Man!  You're challenging me now, you know.  Did a lot of movies.  A lot of---
MT:  Yeah, I just wanted people to know---yeah, wanted people to know that you---
DJE:  I've been around for a while.

MT:  You have.  And you've been in a lot of really good stuff.
DJE:  Thanks, man.
MT:  And I think that this movie is going to be really good as well.  Tell people at home what we're talking about---The Family Movie Night event that you're starring in.  Kind of talk about your character and what this movie is about.

DJE:  Movie's called "Truth Be Told".  It's April 16th on Fox.  Candace Cameron Bure is in it with me.

MT:  From "Full House".  A lot of people would know her, yeah.

From "Full House".  It's a really great cast.  It's a family film.  And I have a little boy 8 years old.  And one of the things that my wife and I often comment and wrestle with, is finding something that we can watch together as a family.  I find most things are either skewed completely to children or to adults, and there's really---I mean, there's a bit of a void in between.  So what the good folks at Walmart and Procter & Gamble have---have recognized the void and see a way to, you know, to tap into something unique. 

And so the movie is about a little white lie that gets told.   It then continues to snowball, right?  We had a higher purpose to tell this little lie.  We were---I have a foundation, my character Mark Crane has a foundation, which he helps inner city kids, you know, to stay out of trouble, and stay busy, and get involved in sports.  He's an ex-professional football player.   And Candace is a marriage counselor.  And she meets somebody at an event that we're both at, trying to canvas our particular purpose.  And this gentleman with very deep pockets, who could really finance both our projects---he runs a radio station, and offers her an opportunity to be a host on the station, and do a whole show about marriage counseling.  But he mistakenly believes that she and I are together as a couple, are married with two children.  So she tells him that, in fact, we are.  And he says---Well, I want the whole family to come out to my ranch this week-end, and we'll discuss everything.  And that's where the problem begins.  And we figure---Well, we'll let him believe that until we get out there, and then we'll tell him the truth.  But something continually blocks our efforts, and the lie gets bigger and bigger, and the stakes get higher.  And it's funny, it's engaging, and it's, you know, it's kind of---it's topical in that it's something that I think everybody wrestles with a little bit, you know.

MT:  We've seen a lot of these movies from Walmart/Procter & Gamble, and all those---
DJE:  This is the fifth in their---
MT:  Yeah.  A lot of them have, like you're talking about, a good lesson, and then they're entertaining for both adults and kids, which you said, is not something you find in every movie now-a-days. 
DJE:  No, no.
MT:  So really looking forward to this movie, "Truth Be Told". 
DJE:  "Truth Be Told".
MT:  Again when?  When does this air?
DJE:  April 16th on Fox, Saturday Night.
MT:  Alright.
DJE:  8 o'clock I believe.
MT:  8 o'clock.  7 o'clock Central. 
DJE:  7 o'clock Central Time!
MT:  There you go.  We are in Arkansas.
DJE:  Thank you.
MT:  Thank you again so much.  David James Elliott, what a treat!  Thank you again.
DJE:  Thanks, man---a pleasure.
MT:  Alright.