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May 1999 

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Byron Allen: How's it going there?

David James Elliott: All right, man!

BA: Good to see you.


DJE: Welcome. It's not much ... the trailer ... but ...

BA: Hey, this is not a bad trailer ... You could live in here! ... and I am sure you spend so many hours in the trailer ...

DJE: I pretty much live in here. Yeah. I don't sleep in it.

BA: You got your stereo. You got your TV. You got your weights over here and you got the sofa. What is this? ... Now you know, this is your guitar.

DJE: There's a lot of them in the back too. More guitars.  

BA: You got a bedroom back there? The whole nine yards. Now, I understand you were in a rock band?

DJE: Ah yeah. I wasn't the guitar player though.

BA: No? What d'you play?

DJE: I sang, played harmonica.

BA: Any good?

DJE: You know, I'm getting better.

BA: Played the saxophone?

DJE: I did. Yeah.

BA: Tenor? Alto?

DJE: I played the alto.

BA: Yeah?

DJE: I always wanted a tenor. Couldn't afford one.

BA: Couldn't afford one. Yeah, I played tenor sax in high school.

DJE: Really?

BA: Yeah! Oh man, it was rough chasing the bus with that sucker!

DJE: Yeah, it's heavy.

BA: You know, when you're taking the bus, you gotta work it. Now, where did you grow up? Canada?

DJE: Canada.

BA: Okay. What part?

DJE: Toronto.

BA: Toronto. Now what was it like growing up there?

DJE: I grew up actually outside of Toronto, small farming community ...

BA: Called what?

DJE: Milton, Ontario.

BA: Milton, Ontario?

DJE: As in mill town. There was a mill in the centre of town, and the town sort of developed around that mill. Four thousand people. A small town. It's been swallowed up by Toronto. It's a bedroom community now. But it was once the home of some great minds ... [joking]

BA: Growing up in a town, four thousand people ... Where do you get the idea to become an actor?

DJE: You know, we started with the rock 'n roll thing and I sort of discovered that musicians are really unreliable. I remember I quit high school at one point to make a go of this band. They kept breaking up. And finally the only thing that kept the band together was the threat of physical violence from me.   And so I walked away from that and went back to school. We read King Lear once in Grade 13 Theatre History. That's the first time I ever took any theatre and she [the teacher] said, "You should be an actor." At that point in my life I was looking for direction and I thought, [snaps his fingers], "That's what I'll do!"

[showed clip from JAG episode "Yeah, Baby"]

DJE: Now this is really my big, big break. This is the first primetime leading role and it seems to be working out.

BA: Tell us about JAG.

DJE: JAG is an acronym, Judge Advocate General. It's the law corps of the military. They do everything - largely an investigative body but they also defend and prosecute in cases, from divorce to murder. They handle everything. And my character - Harmon Rabb Jr. - was a pilot first, hence the wings. He flew F-14's. And then a vision problem grounded him permanently. He took up law.

BA: You know, with a number of the ladies, you've become a sex symbol. ... You're aware of that, right?

DJE: ... I .... ah .... some ... of the ladies like me ... [embarrassed]

BA: Don't start flubbing now. Come on, you know that!

DJE: [really embarrassed now] Ah ... How do I respond to that?

BA: Just say, "Yeah! Yeah, I know! With some of the ladies I'm a sex symbol!" You know, it's not an easy thing but you gotta get used to it.

DJE: [laughing]

BA: Are you comfortable with that?

DJE: [still obviously embarrassed] I'm married so there's no way I can take advantage of it.

BA: Oh well, you don't have to take advantage of it.

DJE: Where was it when I was single?

BA: Ah!

DJE: Things elude me. I get things ... Well, it's nice that people like me.

BA: What do you like to do with your time off?

DJE: I really haven't had much time off. I go to the Bahamas when I can. I have a house there. I play the guitar, practising. I'm getting better all the time. Not good enough to play for you though.

BA: You can still sing, can't you?

DJE: I think so.

BA: Yeah, of course! You were a rock star.

DJE: Come on ...

BA: Sing something ... just make it up! ... I'm a sex symbol ...

DJE: [making the best of the situation, snaps his fingers] ... Watch JAG on CBS!

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