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ET on the set of JAG
Yeah Baby
May 1999

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(There are a few blurps in the video and the quality is poor ... this is from a very old VHS tape.  I almost didn't post it here at the site but I figured I enjoyed it - blurps and all - so figured you would too.  Any chance to see or hear him - right?)

David James Elliott | ET
David James Elliott | ET David James Elliott | ET David James Elliott | ET

ET:   Those are the real shoes you would wear ...

DJE: Yeah they are the real shoes you would wear, they would probably be better polished ..

ET:    Yeah - you'd probably be doing push-ups

DJE:  Yeah I think would be doing a few push-ups over these

CB:   Whenever I am around kids yeah I definitely want one

(Lines from the baby deal scene)

DJE:  I think for a guy, you know If I remember back it is not that serious until actually the child comes into the world then you go - wow this is actually a pretty heavy thing

Voiceover:  David and his co-star Catherine Bell giving into their feelings .. (lines from scene)

ET:  Have you ever made a pact like that?

DJE:   No! my God, and he did it so lacksidasically - I already have a child, so I couln't imagine, could you?

Voiceover:  Catherine could never conceive of such a scheme either but she confesses that her Marine Corp uniform hides her wild side and her navel ring -

CB:   It matches my ... it's marine green ... see I'm loyal, faithful to JAG

Voiceover: This lucky leading man has yet another beauty in his life, he will soon be jumping out of his dress whites and into the arms of Courtney Cox, for a new film called The Shrink Is In, co-starring Courtney's fiancee David Arquette. 

DJE:  I'm balancing the two right now, I'm shooting them together, so I am working every single day for a month, weekends - all week ...

ET:    Is there a romantic interest there?

DJE:  We kiss, but I haven't kissed her yet, but I'll let you know later.

Voiceover:  Now a lot of guys might envy David's double love trouble, but David insists it's harder than it looks ...

DJE:  Yeah ...come walk a mile in my shoes, ok, walk a mile in a set of shoes from JAG,


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