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ET on the set of JAG
Nobody's Child
March 1999

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(there are a few blurps in the beginning of the video ... I almost edited them out but figured at least you can still hear so I left them in.)

David James Elliott | ET David James Elliott | ET
David James Elliott | ET
David James Elliott | ET David James Elliott | ET
David James Elliott | ET David James Elliott | ET

RW:   Robb Weller, Host
LC:    Lisa Canning, Interviewer
D:     David James Elliott
T:     Trisha Yearwood

RW:    JAG star, David James Elliott, puts on his dress uniform for special occasions.  And our Lisa Canning found David was all dressed up to host a country superstar and a triple Grammy nominee.

LC:    C)   Trisha Yearwood's back on the set of JAG, and this time they're talking a whole lot of romance.
         Q)   How romantic are you feeling?

D:    Is that a personal question?

RW:    David James Elliott was feeling a little frisky when Lisa Canning visited the set.   After all, country superstar Trisha Yearwood was back, and there was talk that sparks were going to fly.

LC:    Did you guys think about maybe having a little romance?

D:    We're both married.

T:    (Laughs)

D:    ... it probably would be a bad idea.

RW:    The two have become fast friends ever since Trisha made her acting debut on the show last season.

T:    I think the first time I did the show, I was nervous that I would be walking into a set where everybody would be going.....Ok, great.  Here comes the big singer.....

D:    A singer.....yeah.....

T:    .....she doesn't know how to act, and we're going to have to spend hours and hours because she won't be able to get it.

D:    And that really was your experience, wasn't it?

T/D:   (Laugh)

RW:    And while David offered Trisha some acting advice, the Grammy nominee kept her words of wisdom short and sweet.

LC:    Have you given him some pointers?

D:    She said.....Don't sing.....That was the pointer that I got.

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