Entertainment Tonight
May 21, 2001

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The video consists of lots of ET narrator episode summaries of the four episodes being filmed at Pt Mugu; Redemption, Ambush and Dog Robber I & II. The interview with David is cut in an out throughout and was aired on four nights on ET/ET Insider.  The transcript of the actual interview follows:

David: To the men and women of the Armed Services, you are my heroes.  (He salutes)

ET: The war against terrorism has affected the stars of the only military show on television personally, becaause of the anthrax attacks the actors are not opening their fan mail.
David: I have been following the whole Anthrax thing, in the mail, pretty closely, and I am not really touching my mail at the moment.
Catherine: I think the best idea is for people to not send any right now because unfortunately it is a wierd time.

(clip of Redemption)

David: My first instinct is to hang the rat, you know, it's a case of national secrets, forget about it, you would send your brother away for that one, or your mother, well maybe not your mother, nah you probably would.  Because of lawyer/client privledge, and the fact I could be disbarred, it is a big struggle for this character. It is a particularly interesting episode of JAG... (big smile) so don't miss it.

Second segment:

David: We are like the Beatles here, it's very flattering.

(clip of Ambush)

Third Segment:

(clip of Dog Robber)

David: This is the ending we wanted to have happen in the actual China spy plane situation.

David and Crew shout "GO NAVY"