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JAG's 100th Episode Party

January 2000

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David James Elliott

ET'S Robb Weller:    David James Elliott and the cast of JAG touched down long enough to enjoy reaching a TV landmark.  And only ET was invited inside the party.

David:    And I'm certainly blown away at 100.....a hundred hours.

CB:    A hundred more.....a hundred more would be might have to cart me around in a wheelchair, but.....

RW:    Dressed out of uniform and flanked by the military, Catherine Bell and David James Elliott celebrated their 100th show at Spago, where they were treated to Wolfgang Puck's cuisine.

Leslie Moonves, President and CEO:    Last year CBS came into first place, and JAG had an awful lot to do with that victory.

(Letterman clip about CBS, not JAG)

Kerry McCluggage:     What they've been able to put on the screen is really just incredible.....

RW:    Kerry McCluggage, Chairman of Paramount Television Group, helped take the show to CBS after NBC canceled it, and was a true believer from the beginning.

KM:    It's tremendously gratifying.  But that's due to a lot of hard work by all the people in this room.

RW:    Airing tonight, the episode was filmed in Australia, and David says he would like to do more on location.

David:  I think Thailand would be nice, or you know, Bali (Smiles).

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