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ET on the set of JAG
May 1999

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Clip starts with a clip from the episode ...

Voiceover: Is TV's top military lawyer turning in his desk for a fighter jet? David James Elliott gave our Mark Steines some teasing clues about locations that point in that direction.

DJE: They are setting it up at the beginning of next year - we are going out on a carrier next year

MS: Really? Excited about that?

DJE: Yeah that will be fun.

... continue clip from episode ...

Voiceover: If David climbs back into the cockpit, he will be ready, he's a seasoned flyer and an avid sailor, much to his wife's dismay.

DJE: We have a boat in the Bahamas, and she can go out for like a few minutes, or she takes these pills that make her really nasty too, the sea sick pills make you very edgy, it's like a joy to be ... you know...

MS: Yeah...

DJE: Great ... a day on the boat with my wife... [laughing]

MS: yeah a little vacation ...

DJE: biting at me the whole time [laughing]


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